Works in the cannabis business

We always love when we receive your emails with the most desperate requests but with the same purpose. Working in the Cannabis Industry.
We certainly know that it can be difficult to find a starting point for those who have the desire to try their hand at this enterprise but more than not knowing which fish to take, they don’t even know which lake to cast their bait. For this reason, because we love you from the bottom of our hearts, we have created this page where anyone can present themselves quickly and sensibly. Only the best will be chosen;)

The cannabis business is now booming all over the world, forerunners such as the United States and Canada are seeing the volume of business for this new sector grow year after year, in Europe even if in timid steps some nations are preparing for what the experts they already call it the third commercial revolution after the internet. In fact, a turnover of more than 200 billion euros is estimated by 2030, by the end of this decade the cannabis business will far exceed that of clothing.Le possibilità sono praticamente infinite, puoi diventare un coltivatore, un commerciante, un breeder, un esperto di cbd, un rappresentate oppure molto altro. Di certo sapremo valorizzare le tue Skills al meglio.

As in all new markets, there is also a hunger for resources in this one, we at Grace Genetics SL have prepared this page with a simple form to fill in to express your interest in the cannabis sector.

Obviously the Human contact is always preferred, if you are passing through the fantastic capital of Catalunia, use the contacts on the site to make an appointment with a member of our Team. We are always available for a cognitive meeting.

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