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Grace Genetics is one of the best Marijuana Seed Banks in Europe. Founded in 2017 by Valerio thanks to the collaboration of some of the best Dutch Breeders. The idea was born in a Coffee Shop in Amsterdam, the cbd cannabis market was about to burst in Europe and given the lack of low thc content cannabis genetics. Grace Genetics offering the best made in USA genetics and the new Hemp varieties selected in Holland contributing to the creation of countless start-ups of great success in the Cannabis CBD sector in Europe and in the world, who have been trusting our genetics for their harvests for years with great confidence. Although we are famous for CBD genetics in our catalogue we offer our customers over 32 strains of traditional cannabis with very high THC content. Lots of marijuana varieties that certainly cannot be missing from every collector’s wall. Some legendary cannabis strains such as Amnesia, la Northern Light or the Gelato 41, which come directly from the most serious and reliable Breeders in the world.
Grace Genetics today in 2021 is located in the heart of Barcelona, here in the capital of Catalonia; we ship our parcels all over the world by the most secure and discreet method possible. Thanks to our experience, we are proud of being able to serve any customer anywhere in the world. On our site it is possible to buy 1 seed only as it is possible to buy 1 million of seeds. No order is never too small or too big for us.

From our contact page you can find all the references to contact us with the channel you prefer, we can boast a 360° experience in the world of cannabis. Our team will respond to any of your requests also quickly, accurately and discreetly if necessary.

In April 2021 we begin our new adventure with the association Cannabis Mulana. Where we count to create a place in Barcelona where our members can find the best genetics. See you soon for more information …