Photoperiod seeds

The photoperiod cannabis seeds generate photoperiod plants with a life cycle longer than autoflowering; but a little more patience will bring us many advantages not to be overlooked, however example a major concentration of Cannabinoids and one more abundant production. The photoperiod seeds of marijuana present in our store are of two categories, namely this THC and this CBD. Obviously, these are two completely different categories as regards the concentration of cannabinoids (thc seeds produce levels of active ingredient very high, while cbd seeds produce Cannabidiol levels very high and a THC below legal limit). Apart from that, the cultivation is identical, so there is no difference in cultivation.


The main advantages of cannabis photoperiod seeds are obviously one marijuana production far more abundant e THC levels (or CBD) higher than autoflowering cannabis plants. But that’s not all, in fact it is well known that the photoperiod plants have one greater resistance to stress in general, in fact they can overcome them in a short time, unlike autoflowering strains that will almost certainly meet their death. With the marijuana plants generated by feminized seeds you can also make various cannabis training techniques, how LST, ScrOG and the defoliation for maximize yield; these stress techniques are much more complicated (and much more dangerous) to carry out with autoflowering plants.