made in usa

For made in usa means all cannabis genetics born in the United States of America. In fact, the USA is confirmed to be among the largest cannabis breeders in the world; and not only that, they also have the ability to produce marijuana strains with THC concentrations incredible. In our catalog there are numerous cannabis variety made in usa.

Gorilla Glue, for example, is a cannabis strain made in the USA at a very high level of THC content, which goes up to 30%. It is one of the most potent varieties of our catalog; and also produces very compact inflorescences and crystallized of resin, from the size XXL. In addition to this, there are other varieties highly appreciated by cannabis growers and consumers internationally; such as, for example, the Girl Scout Cookies which has the ability to produce very high yields; in fact it produces 450-500 g/m² and height up to 200 cm. Runtz is a marijuana genetics made in usa with the characteristic of having both a very high percentage of THC (27%); besides, it has a top production of 500 g/m² with flowers of XXL size.