industrial hemp

For industrial hemp means hemp seeds legal with a quantity of THC below the legal limit. To start legal cultivation of industrial hemp, sativa cannabis seeds must necessarily be part of the list of cultivable seeds of the European Union. Fortunately for you, all the hemp seeds in our catalog are part of this list and will be shipped together with the certificate. Obviously, as already mentioned above, to be admitted in this catalog the hemp varieties must never exceed it 0.2% THC. These hemp varieties are capable of producing large quantities of light inflorescences, biomass from extraction, hemp fiber, seeds, etc. In addition, with hemp seeds it is possible to obtain the spectacular Hemp oil, which is rich in beneficial properties also due to essential fatty acids Omega 3 is Omega 6.


For Dioica industrial hemp, in short, it refers to a plant with male flowers or female flowers, with a 50% of probability. These plants in addition to producing large quantities of excellent CBD inflorescences, they can also produce seed, be used in the green building or to produce hemp fiber. Precisely in the field of flowers it is widely used in the great world market of cannabis light. Its buds are widely consumed by millions of cbd consumers around the world.


The legal cannabis seeds of monoecious variety, are very special cannabis genetics which develop both sexes on the same plant. When growing monoecious cannabis strains, we will be sure to get hermaphrodite plants in 100% of cases. The height of these plants is beautifully above the norm, in fact these plants grow without major problems up to 4 meters outdoor. With the production of 300 grams of light inflorescences. Thanks to their robustness and resistance, they adapt without difficulty in all climates of Europe, even the coldest ones in Northern Europe.