certified seeds

For certified seeds of cannabis means industrial hemp seeds. They are certified, therefore they are part of the list of legally cultivable seeds throughout the European Union. There certification is supplied free of charge together with the seeds upon delivery of the hemp seed order. Certified seeds always have a content of THC of 0.2%, or under the legal limit established e CBD levels very tall. They are useful for growing hemp with different purposes; for example, the production of light inflorescences, extracted biomass, hemp fiber, seeds, etc. The hemp seeds certificates are divided into Dioica and Monoica.


The dioecious hemp seeds they are regular seeds, they generate sativa cannabis plants that can be female or male, with a probability of 50% in both cases. They have a photoperiod life cycle and have the ability to produce huge quantities of cbd inflorescences. For example the hemp variety Carmagnola, produces very easily 1500 g of legal marijuana buds. Besides that, they can be used to produce as well hemp fiber, biomass ed Hemp oil through their seeds.


The monoica sativa cannabis seeds generate 100% hermaphrodite plants, strains with both sexes on the same plant. They are particularly suitable for producing quantity of seeds mind-boggling, with which to produce excellent and spatial Hemp oil (product rich in benefits for the human body with essential fatty acids Omega 3 ed Omega 6). Also, it is possible to get the best out of hemp fiber and large amount of biomass. As for the production of inflorescences, this genetics turns out to be fairly productive; therefore if you intend to cultivate with the aim of generating legal cannabis buds it is worthwhile to bet much more on dioecious genetics. There monoecious variety the more productive it is Futura 75.