automatic seeds

The automatic cannabis seeds have a life cycle much shorter than the photoperiod varieties, they also do not need a change of the hours of light to start the flowering period. These strains make their first appearance on the cannabis seed market starting this year2000. They were obtained using genes from ruderalis variety. In general, however, the production and THC and CBD levels are slightly lower than the photoperiod variety. Autoflowering seeds for outdoor growing offer several benefits to less patient growers. In most climates of Southern Europe it is possible to complete up to 4 cycles every year. Furthermore, in most cases the size of automatic cannabis remains small, so they are protected from prying eyes.


The autoflowering cannabis seeds they have numerous characteristics that distinguish them and make them truly unique. Obviously, it comes down to feminized seeds, that is, created to generate only female plants to the 100%, and avoid the risk of having male plants which they could ruin the final crop by pollinating the fancy female buds. With autoflowering marijuana seeds we will obtain very robust plants that do not require daily maintenance and require a lower consumption of fertilizers and nutrients in general compared to photoperiod plants. Automatic seeds also have the fundamental characteristic of producing marijuana buds very compact crystallized of resin.

The Automatics with higher concentrations of THC and CBD

In our store there are a numerous variety of automatic seeds having Cannabinoid levels very high. The automatic seeds having levels of tetrahydrocannabinol the higher they are Gelato 41 Auto is Purple Punch Auto. Instead, autoflowering seeds with concentrations of CBD highest in our catalog are Amnesia Auto CBD is Super Lemon Auto CBD.