certified seeds


The certified seeds of industrial hemp must be present in the list of legally cultivable seeds of the European Union. In this case it will be possible to cultivate that particular cannabis sativa variety without fear of anything, in fact by possessing the copy of the certificate, which we at Grace Genetics provide upon delivery of the hemp seeds, it is possible for the competent authorities to identify whether it is a certified hemp genetics, and therefore to be fully protected by European law. What makes these seeds legal is that, in various tests, they reported thc values ​​no higher than 0.2%. Despite this, the tetrahydrocannabinol limit established by law for the cultivation of industrial hemp is 0.6%. However, we would like to clarify that the law 242/2016 also protects growers, in fact by possessing a copy of the seed certificate, in case the thc values ​​exceed 0.6% there will be no problems with the law, but only the harvest will be destroyed.

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