Cannabidivarin is one of the many cannabinoids present in cannabis plants; it is a substance that does not produce any psychoactive effect, perfect to use to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation after a tiring day. The scientific research on CBDV still takes a long time as the first plants with a high cannabidivarin content are only now emerging. We at Grace Genetics offer the public only and exclusively the best CBDV cannabis genetics. In particular, one of the most popular marijuana strains in history is available in our catalog: White Widow, but this time with a high CBDV content. It is, of course, a totally legal substance in all of Europe, as it does not generate high effects, like THC on the other hand.


CBDV has unique and inimitable characteristics, a bit like all the cannabinoids in cannabis. In particular, it strongly helps people suffering from nausea, panic attacks, depression, as well as chemotherapy patients who, thanks to cannabidivarin, are able to relieve their discomfort. The therapeutic potential of this fantastic cannabinoid is truly infinite! We recommend that you only buy these strains from top quality seed banks, such as Grace Genetics. We have been cultivating your passion since 2017.

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