Feminized Thc


Automatic cannabis seeds flower within a predetermined time by genetics, with no need to change the hours of light.


The classic photoperiod feminized cannabis seeds, present on the market for over 20 years this type of seed is always the favorite of indoor growers.


The classic thc photoperiod cannabis seeds. This cannabis strain is perhaps the best known to old school growers. The life cycle follows a regular period, with the need to alternate 18 hours of light and 6 of darkness during vegetative growth. Instead, to trigger the flowering you need to shorten the hours of light, in outdoor cultivation this process begins naturally with the approach of autumn. As a general rule, photoperiod cannabis strains have a higher average THC level than autoflowering cannabis. Even the most intensive training is tolerated in an excellent way by these strains, to significantly increase the yield of these varieties. Let’s not forget that photoperiod varieties are the most suitable for taking clones, thanks to the dependence on the light cycle we can keep a plant in a vegetative state practically in a perennial way.

Many marijuana strains take at least 60-70 days to mature, and some genetic materials take even longer. This can be a problem for those growing in areas with short summers and rainy autumns. Design fast flowering varieties to solve this problem. They are fully mature only 6-7 weeks after flowering, so growers will be able to harvest in mid or late September to prevent rain from destroying the crops.


Feminized cannabis seeds are genetically programmed to become female, and this happens in most cases (99.9%). Feminized seeds are designed to produce inflorescences. Photoperiod cannabis blooms based on the amount of light / dark it is exposed to. In nature, the flowering period of marijuana begins to bloom in early summer. Indoors, photoperiod cannabis stays in the vegetative phase until the grower decides to induce flowering, thus reducing the lighting time.

Feminized seeds will therefore generate female plants, which have a higher cannabinoid content than male specimens. Furthermore, these varieties are grown to optimize their effectiveness and aroma. The seeds are 99.9% feminized, so they almost always produce female plants. It is not necessary to check the sex of the plants, nor to remove male specimens. Feminized strains are usually photoperiodic, which means they bloom based on the amount of light they receive.


When growing indoors, you need to manually change the light/dark cycle. Normally, this can be done when the plant reaches a suitable height (approximately half the required final size). The reason is simple: during the flowering period, plants tend to grow significantly in the vertical direction. To induce feminized cannabis to flower indoors, growers expose it to a light cycle that includes 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. Long periods of darkness will simulate fall and cause the plants to start blooming.

Outdoors, growing photoperiod cannabis in the best climate and at the right time of year is essential. Why? The number of hours of sunlight varies with the seasons, and plants need to be exposed to a specific light cycle to be healthy. To meet this demand, it is important to sow the seeds in the spring (when the cold has passed) and to harvest adult specimens in the fall.

Cannabis seeds are excluded from the notion of narcotic substance as they do not contain any active ingredient, the simple possession of cannabis seeds is not a crime in most countries of the world. Germination, on the other hand, is forbidden, although in some situations it is very tolerated.

How much cannabis can i get from a plant?

This is one of the first questions a cultivator asks himself, the answer to this question is impossible to give. There are so many factors that regulate productivity, a feminized variety grown indoors using training techniques will yield as much as 500 grams per plant, while an autoflowering outdoors will yield up to 40 grams.

Can i grow cannabis on my windowsill?

Cannabis needs 2 things besides a pot with soil, light and water. If your window sill is your only option, using a pot of at least 4-5 liters can achieve extraordinary results with micro growing and training techniques.

Where to buy cannabis seeds online?

Buying high quality seeds is the first step that will lead us to the success of our cultivation. At Grace Genetics, thanks to 10 years of experience in cannabis, we can always guarantee fresh seeds that meet our high quality standards. We cultivate your passion.

What is the difference between automatic and feminized seeds?

Cannabis automatic seeds bloom in a set time regardless of the hours of light , we can maximize by giving them even 20 hours of light during the day. On the other hand, the feminized cannabis or photo period varieties will remain in perennial vegetative with 18 hours of light to trigger flowering it will be necessary to give them a maximum of 12 hours a day.