Autoflowering Thc


Automatic cannabis seeds flower within a predetermined time by genetics, with no need to change the hours of light.


The classic photoperiod feminized cannabis seeds, present on the market for over 20 years this type of seed is always the favorite of indoor growers.


Feminized thc autoflowering cannabis strains are relatively new to the grower scene. The first automatic genetics make the first appearance in the catalog of seeds banks starting from 2000 even if the first crossbreeding experiments with ruderalis varieties have already taken place since the 70s in Holland. Thc autoflowering cannabis plants flower when they reach a certain age. No matter how much light they get, these plants will automatically start flowering after a certain amount of time, which is usually 2-3 weeks.

They inherited this characteristic from Cannabis ruderalis, a particular cannabis variety which, unlike the sativa and indica varieties, is autoflowering by nature. All autoflowering strains contain ruderalis genetics, the essence that allows them to flower automatically.

These autoflowering cannabis seeds have the fundamental characteristic of being able to produce plants that flower on their own after 2-4 weeks of growth. Growers don’t have to worry about changing the lighting schedule to activate and maintain the flowering period. Also, cars need less time to grow. Some strains are ready to harvest within just 8 weeks of germination. In addition, the car is compact, which is very suitable for indoor growing. Thanks to its practicality, autoflowers are very suitable plant varieties for novice growers (but not only, in fact they are also loved by millions of experienced cannabis growers).


A photoperiod cannabis plant will flower based on the hours of light received throughout the day. In nature, these varieties begin to bloom when the late summer days begin to shorten. Inside, growers make the plants bloom by setting the lights to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. Conversely, autoflowering strains will flower based on age, regardless of the length of time they receive the light. This means they are “non-photoperiod” strains. Autoflowers have many very important characteristics:

  • The plants will flower automatically after 2-4 weeks.
  • The average time between sowing and harvesting is 10 weeks.
  • The plants will grow small but full of inflorescences.
  • They won’t attract too much attention. They are very suitable for invisible crops.
  • It is possible to get more crops every season.


The best genetics compete with feminized photoperiod strains in terms of potency, yield and flavor (even often outperforming them). However, they still provide the same amazing benefits just mentioned and are known to be particularly stable and powerful. Today, cars can satisfy even the most demanding consumers. Casual users can easily find automatic strains rich in THC, while general consumers can find automatic flowers that are low THC but rich in CBD, so they can benefit from this non-psychoactive cannabinoid.


For autoflowering genetics, always use better soil than is normally used for growing photoperiod cannabis plants. If necessary, the airiness and drainage of the soil can be slightly increased by adding some simple perlite.

To make them grow strong and healthy, keep your growth space at a moderate temperature of 20 °C. Too low or too high a temperature will hinder plant growth. The perfect humidity for this type of plants depends on the age of the plants. In the first weeks they prefer a humid environment. Instead, when the plant enters the flowering phase, it will be necessary to lower the humidity to 45-50% to avoid possible mold and pests.

Cannabis seeds are excluded from the notion of narcotic substance as they do not contain any active ingredient, the simple possession of cannabis seeds is not a crime in most countries of the world. Germination, on the other hand, is forbidden, although in some situations it is very tolerated.

How much cannabis do autoflowering strains produce?

Autoflowering marijuana genetics have always been chosen for their short cycle (usually no longer than 9 weeks). The production of automatic genetics will depend on the quality and hours of light the plant receives. Under a 300w LEC lamp for a period of 19 hours we can expect up to 100g per plant.

Where are automatic cannabis genetics grown?

Autoflowering marijuana strains can be grown indoors all year round, but the big advantage is in outdoor cultivation. In fact, not needing a change of light, if the climate in our area is mild enough we can easily carry out 3 complete cultivation cycles per year.

Where to buy autoflowering cannabis seeds?

Buying seeds of excellent quality is the first step that will lead us to the success of our cultivation. At Grace Genetics, thanks to 10 years of experience in cannabis, we can always guarantee fresh seeds that meet our high quality standards. We cultivate your passion.

What is the difference between automatic and feminized seeds?

Automatic cannabis seeds flower in a set time regardless of the hours of light, we can maximize by giving them even 20 hours of light during the day. On the other hand, feminized or photo-period cannabis varieties will remain in perennial vegetative state with 18 hours of light to trigger flowering it will be necessary to give them a maximum of 12 hours a day.