Dioica hemp can be found in both regular and autoflowering versions. This type of variety produces plants of only one sex (male or female), they are used for the cultivation of the non-pollinated flower.


Cannabis in monoecious version is found only in industrial cannabis, this genetics develops hermaphroditic hemp plants. It is chosen for the production of seeds or bio components.

The cultivation of this kind is for industrial purposes, this kind of plants are able to produce large quantities of seeds for food purposes or for the production of Biodiesel. Indeed, hemp seeds are rich in oil. The THC content of these strains never exceeds 0.2%. On the other hand, CBD can reach up to 3-4% in optimal conditions.


Monoecious hemp seeds are cannabis genetics that develop both sexes on the same plant. When growing monoecious cannabis strains, you can be sure that you are getting 100% hermaphroditic plants. This kind of cannabis does not exist in nature, but is the result of a long selection. These varieties are the result of selections aimed at increasing the yield of the seed.

The presence of large amounts of terpenes and trichomes visible to the naked eye also cause monoecious genetics to have a strong odor, even for consumers of hemp buds. Those who buy these hemp varieties will certainly appreciate their high compactness and aroma. The leaves are dense, bright, thin and slender. The inflorescences shipped to the cannabis light market are of a very bright color and left to dry naturally for a few days. Growing monoecious cannabis plants isn’t difficult at all. These species grow well in all European climates, even with the harsher ones in Northern Europe.


Usually, plants of this species grow thin leaves, which intersect very thin light veins for a long period of time. In outdoor production, the color of the inflorescences is slightly amber, while the color in indoor crops is slightly brighter. The height of plants of this variety is incredible, in fact these plants can grow up to 4 meters outdoors and produce 300 grams of inflorescences. Thanks to their resistance and uplifting power, they adapt very easily to the whole European climate, even to the coldest and most rigid climate.

What makes strains of this variety so special and popular is that it can produce large numbers of seeds and flowers even in the toughest climates and environmental conditions. Therefore, even a novice grower can grow this plant without any problems.

Plants of this monoecy genetics produce perfect buds with a very high CBD content and a very low THC content. In fact, the plants of this genetics are part of the list of European seeds legally cultivable in Europe.

Where to buy hemp seeds?

We highly recommend purchasing hemp seeds from reputable seeds banks, such as Grace Genetics. Within our site you will find numerous varieties of industrial hemp, both dioecious and monoecious. For example, Carmagnola, Eletta Campana, Fedora 17 and Futura 75. With our hemp sativa genetics, the excellent germination of the seeds and the fantastic growth and production of the plants are ensured.

How to grow hemp seeds?

First, to grow hemp seeds, it will be necessary to wait for the right season and not to be in a hurry to avoid sowing them in too cold times of the year. After sowing, it will be child’s play, in fact these plants only need water, light and nutrients to demonstrate their power and grow extremely.

Where to buy certified cannabis seeds?

By purchasing seeds in our catalog of industrial cannabis sativa , you can be sure to always find strains that are on the list of certified seeds from the European community.

To optimally cultivate legal industrial hemp it will be necessary to purchase a variety present in the ‘list of European seeds legally cultivable in Europe. Subsequently, after the first seedlings are born we must be sure that they absorb all the nutrients they need using a stable soil, water with a measured pH and correct fertilization.
What are the certified seeds?

Certified sativa cannabis seeds are those indicated by the EU. They are present in our immense catalog and are intended to give birth and grow robust hemp plants intended for the production of inflorescences, seeds, fibers and for green building.