Dioica hemp can be found in both regular and autoflowering versions. This type of variety produces plants of only one sex (male or female), they are used for the cultivation of the non-pollinated flower.


Cannabis in monoecious version is found only in industrial cannabis, this genetics develops hermaphroditic hemp plants. It is chosen for the production of seeds or bio components.

Hemp Dioica is the most widely used cannabis variety by growers, in nature cannabis is always of the Dioic genus. The cannabis plant after the vegetative phase will show its sex, with female pre-flowers or with pistils loaded with pollen. For the production of inflorescences it is at this point that the males will be eliminated (not necessarily thrown away). Keeping the males in contact with the females, they will pollinate the female flowers, producing seeds. What absolutely to avoid if we want to produce “sin semilla”. In some contexts this type of seeds can also be called regular, in fact the term dioecious (incorrectly) is used purely to indicate varieties of industrial hemp.


By dioecious plant it refers to a plant with male or female flowers. Like all plants, hemp is designed to reproduce. In the plant kingdom, there are several ways to proceed. The first way nature developed and involved cannabis was through sexual reproduction. In this case, the seeds are produced from a mixture of two types of DNA from the male and female organs of the plant. Therefore, hemp is no exception. In this case the dioecious plant, if male, must be removed immediately from the other female plants, otherwise they will end up pollinating and ruining the whole crop.

These plants in addition to producing exceptional CBD inflorescences, with a minimum THC that falls within the legal limits of any country in the European Union, can also produce seeds or be used in green building and to produce hemp fiber.
In our large catalog of dioecious cannabis there are the best qualities of industrial cannabis on the international market.


Dioecious cannabis is grown in huge quantities all over the world, in Europe, especially in Italy, Spain, France. This industrial hemp genetics has biomass production as its main feature; but it is widely used by millions of growers and is also particularly suitable for the production of seeds, and especially inflorescences. Precisely in the field of inflorescences it is widely used in the large world market of light cannabis. The inflorescences are widely used by many cbd consumers all over the planet. This light cannabis strain produces excellent results inflorescences both in quantity and in quality, the quantity of developed resin exceeds the average level and has a strong aroma and flavor.

This industrial hemp genetics are suitable for planting in the typical environment of the southern region; but can also be planted throughout Europe.
These are very simple plants to grow, in fact they grow strong and massive, therefore they are very resistant to the external environment. Even novice growers can plant these gorgeous hemp strains, given their low daily maintenance. All they need are simply: water, light, nutrients and air.

Where to buy hemp seeds?

We highly recommend purchasing hemp seeds from reputable seeds banks, such as Grace Genetics. Within our site you will find numerous varieties of industrial hemp, both dioecious and monoecious. For example, Carmagnola, Eletta Campana, Fedora 17 and Futura 75. With our hemp sativa genetics, the excellent germination of the seeds and the fantastic growth and production of the plants are ensured.

How to grow hemp seeds?

First, to grow hemp seeds, it will be necessary to wait for the right season and not to be in a hurry to avoid sowing them in too cold times of the year. After sowing, it will be child’s play, in fact these plants only need water, light and nutrients to demonstrate their power and grow extremely.

Where to buy certified cannabis seeds?

By purchasing seeds in our catalog of industrial cannabis sativa , you can be sure to always find strains that are on the list of certified seeds from the European community.

To optimally cultivate legal industrial hemp it will be necessary to purchase a variety present in the ‘list of European seeds legally cultivable in Europe. Subsequently, after the first seedlings are born we must be sure that they absorb all the nutrients they need using a stable soil, water with a measured pH and correct fertilization.
What are the certified seeds?

Certified sativa cannabis seeds are those indicated by the EU. They are present in our immense catalog and are intended to give birth and grow robust hemp plants intended for the production of inflorescences, seeds, fibers and for green building.