CBD extracts


Discover our CBD-rich inflorescences grown organically without the addition of artificial Terpenes. Each product has been tanned in glass for at least 2 months.


We have resins and hash of different types, processed with dry ice or the famous charas obtained directly from the living plant.


Cannabis Sativa extracts with BHO or CO2, we supply ourselves only from authorized laboratories in order to guarantee you maximum safety and quality.

The CBD extracts from Grace Genetics are confirmed once again with one 100% purity. All our light cannabis extracts they have been produced without the use of solvents or any other chemical substance; to produce them, in fact, it was enough for us to use only organic products and ecological. For example, to produce our fantastic light marijuana extract, the Live Rosin, it was enough for us to use frozen water and the force of pressure.

LIVE ROSIN CBD, Cannabis Extract

This cbd extract is one of the products rarer in the CBD market; it is not obtained from the buds of marijuana but from two types of hashish(which are made from cannabis buds of course). The production process of the Live Rosin it is long and very complicated, as well as being very delicate; it is therefore recommended, only to true experts of production of resins and extracts to try to produce it. Being a product coming only from expert hands, it is confirmed to be an extract of extreme quality. It also has many beneficial properties, therefore usable in a therapeutic purpose; this of course, thanks to its high Cannabidiol content, which in this legal marijuana extract is confirmed as being equal to or greater than 15%; besides, it owns a good one CBG content which will enhance the properties of this fantastic cannabis extract even more.

Buying CBD products on our website is legal but above all safe, our CBD products all have a THC concentration below 0.2%. This limit makes them legal in any European country.

Can i smoke or vaporize CBD products?

While the product itself is legal, any human consumption by smoking or vaporization for medical or recreational purposes is prohibited.

Are CBD products harmful or have they been manipulated with chemicals?

The cannabis sativa-based products on our site have been grown using organic and sustainable methods, we take care that each of our crops before harvesting effects a careful and thorough washing of the roots that lasts at least 10 days before cutting.

Where are your CBD products grown?

Grace Genetics does not deal directly with cultivation but we collect stocks from our customers who buy seeds during the season. We collaborate with some of the largest producers in Spain, Italy and Greece.