Semi Automatici di Cannabis CBD hanno un contenuto di thc solitamente tra il 0.1% e 0.3%. Completano il ciclo entro 8-9 settimane, indipendentemente dalle ore di luce . Ottime nelle coltivazioni da esterno.


Cannabis seeds with high CBD content never below 15% these seeds regulate the life cycle based on the photo period, they are perfect for the production of Cuttings. The THC of these genetics is usually 0.3% to 1%.


Photoperiod CBD are the classic Feminized cannabis seeds (in this category) with a high CBD content. Growing these cannabis strains requires a specific cycle of light and oxen. During a cycle of 18 hours of light and 6 of dark the plant will remain in the vegetative phase. The important thing will be never to give too few periods of light to the seedlings in the vegetative phase; in fact, for example, with 14 hours of light photoperiod cannabis will never grow adequately. These living beings flourish when the hours of light are shortened to 12-12.

During the vegetative period 18 hours are not a limit, in fact, in indoor cultivation it is not uncommon to meet people who use 24 hours of light in the first two weeks of growth. In outdoor cultivation we can plant it in May and expect to harvest in September, October for the longer varieties. On the other hand, in indoor cultivation it will be enough to change the timer by shortening the light cycle to start the flowering of this variety. In these cannabis genetics the CBD level is always higher than in the autoflowering cousins.

Photoperiod cannabis light hours

In addition to all these advaPhotoperiod cannabis light hoursntages, regular cycle plants are the most suitable for the production of clones, or for the production of ornamental plants. The biggest feature of CBD seeds, much loved and in demand around the world; this is due to the great therapeutic properties that the plants born from these CBD seeds offer. In open field cultivation, the duration of the hours of light must always be taken into account, taking advantage of the long day for vegetative growth and the short day to trigger flowering, knowing the physiology of plants and genetics is a crucial factor. We also tend in condo that the hours of daylight also change a lot from city to city; with some provinces characterized by short days. An essential source is to have a calendar of the hours of light.


CBD is valued for its enormous therapeutic and medical potential. It is being researched as a possible method for treating anxiety, Huntington’s disease, depression, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel diseases, multiple sclerosis, migraines, pain relief etc.
These seeds have the special characteristic of being feminized seeds; when the seeds are not feminized, you may be at risk of coming into contact with many male plants; male plants are known not to produce buds, and the pollen could pollinate nearby female plants. Most growers prefer to avoid this situation and therefore turn to feminized cannabis seeds. As the name suggests, these are seeds that female plants will always grow from. You no longer have to worry about uprooting male plants.


There are many reasons why millions of growers around the world choose photoperiodics cannabis strains. For example, CBD cannabis seeds allow growers to grow light marijuana indoors or out. They also have higher yields than autoflowering strains, although they will need more maintenance. Periodic photo plants are able to undergo various stresses and overcome them with great adaptability, while autoflowering often, with strong stress, will face certain death. Any species of these marijuana strains can be grown using different training techniques, such as SOG and SCROG.


CBD has the great advantage of not having the same mental side effects as THC (the main and much loved cannabinoid in marijuana). Therefore, it is suitable for all day consumption without affecting productivity. CBD hemp seeds have similar characteristics (yield, height, flavor, flowering time, aroma, flavor, etc.) to normal cannabis plants with THC; but the CBD content is much higher.
Currently, cannabis in particular, but mostly medical cannabis with very high CBD is increasingly entering our daily lives; in fact it is also often used as a compound for some types of medicines. However, it must be clarified that CBD will not interfere in any way with other medicines taken by patients and will bring many benefits in the treatment of various diseases.

The positive effects of CBD marijuana have been confirmed in several clinical studies; since it is not addictive, there is also a lot of evidence on how to help overcome alcohol or drug addiction. Nowadays, most seeds banks use the most advanced breeding techniques to produce feminized cannabis seed varieties to ensure growers’ yield, and Grace Genetics is one of them; in fact we are only interested in the success of our customers and for this reason, we select only the best genetics chosen by the greatest breeders.

Cannabis plants are living beings, how to take care of them?

First, let’s start by saying that growing and growing marijuana is not as difficult as it is believed. In fact, only light, nutrients and water (with correct ph) will be enough to do this, obviously administered in controlled quantities in a continuous way. Beyond that it is very important that these amazing living beings feel comfortable in their cultivation area. Outdoors, therefore, it will be necessary to keep pests away, and in indoor crops always check the humidity.

Our cannabis seeds all have a thc percentage between 0.1% and 0.6%. Under the legal limit set by current legislation, it is always legal to grow seeds with a low THC content.

How much cannabis can i get from a plant?

This is one of the first questions a cultivator asks himself, the answer to this question is impossible to give. There are so many factors that regulate productivity, a feminized variety grown indoors using training techniques will yield as much as 500 grams per plant, while an autoflowering outdoors will yield up to 40 grams.

How soon can I start growing cannabis?

The best time to grow cannabis outdoors is undoubtedly May . The cannabis photo periodic will start flowering towards the middle of August and it will be possible to harvest around the middle of September (depending on the variety). autoflowering cannabis can always be planted from April to August (depending on temperatures)

Where can I buy THC-free seeds?

In our catalog we offer over 23 cannabis strains with a thc content between 0.1% and 1% . We can choose the ones that best suit us and the current legislation in terms of CBD cultivation .

What is the difference between automatic and feminized seeds?

Cannabis automatic seeds bloom in a set time regardless of the hours of light , we can maximize by giving them even 20 hours of light during the day. On the other hand, the feminized cannabis or photo period varieties will remain in perennial vegetative with 18 hours of light to trigger flowering it will be necessary to give them a maximum of 12 hours a day.