CBD resins

The cannabis resin better known as Hash, Charas, Pollen and a cannabis product basically always the same the name changes according to the extraction process. Resins are particularly popular with longtime users. in fact, through the extraction process, we are able to eliminate most of the plant material, managing to concentrate only the cannabinoids. Furthermore, it should not be overlooked that by eliminating chlorophyll we obtain a less sharp and more intense flavor.

What are CBD resins?

The cbd resins are a product from the extraction of Cannabis sativa with low thc content, the appearance and flavor is identical to the courageous sister with a high thc content, the way of consumption and the same with the only differences given by the active ingredient THC content that in CBD resins is never higher than 0.3%. In addition of course to the sense of relaxation instead of a panoramic flight over the city.


It is generally cold extracted using micro perforated mesh sieves (usually 150 / 200micron). The size of the holes in the frame affect its purity as well as its appearance. Not to be confused hashish withIcelatoror Bubble Hash, also it is almost the same product the extraction method is completely different.


Perhaps the oldest and easiest extraction method. Take your hands as farmers, hold a resinous top in your hands by rubbing it. The residue that will remain stuck in your hands will be excellent charas, ready to taste.


Method very similar to the Hashish only that in this case a frame is used to sift very fine (just 50Micron) the product obtained will be a very fine smoke of the highest quality called “Pollen”

The use of Sativa CBD Cannabis Resins (with THC levels below 0.3%) is legal in most countries of the world, in some it is possible to buy them as your own smoking product in others instead the possession is only for collecting purposes, our team does not encourage any behavior contrary to the law and we invite our buyers to inquire about the current legislation regarding CBD products. Grace Genetics SL declines all responsibility for the improper use of the products.

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