Regular Cannabis Light Seeds

In this section we can find our best auto flowering or photo dependent cannabis genetics (low THC content). The reproduction of these seeds takes place with a natural method by choosing and reproducing only the best specimens of female males to ensure a selection of high quality and great resistance phenotypes. The seeds are said to be regular when they can develop the presence of male or female plants, they are particularly suitable for genetic selection, the production of mother plants from which to obtain cuttings or to be crossed with other varieties to give birth to new phenotypes.

Why grow regular cannabis seeds

Most growers have always kept away from non-feminized cannabis seeds, in fact the fear of having to recognize and extirpate male plants, the limited cultivation environment or many other factors refer our choice only to feminized seeds, but the Benefits of growing regular cannabis are different. Firstly, the possibility to select the phenotype that best suits us, from this selected plant we can then develop clones or cuttings, pair it with a selected male and reproduce seeds of a new variety, moreover plants born from regular seeds are more resistant to pests and to diseases, they can grow 15% faster and develop 30% more product than feminized seeds.