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Auto Blueberry it is a strain of ganja with numerous special characteristics, starting from the super THC levels present, to the abundant yields up to its unique flavors and aromas in the world.

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Auto Blueberry is a autoflowering cannabis genetics of hybrid origin with a indica dominance of 70%. Her typical indica effects will drive any consumer crazy, which will be lying on the sofa for several hours after only a few hits of these inflorescences. These narcotic effects are mainly due to the exorbitant quantities of thc .

In fact, we are talking about very high concentrations of active ingredient, that is a range that goes from 17-22%. Instead, the CBD levels turn out to be very low, from 0.3 to 0.6% . It is a variety to be used also for possible therapeutic purposes, in fact it has numerous beneficial properties. It has a relatively low height, in fact it reaches up to 60 cm in height indoors. As for the yield, if Auto Blueberry is grown indoors it can produce up to 500 g/m2; if we choose and have the opportunity to grow her outdoors, we can expect to easily harvest 100 g/plant.

It is a variety of marijuana very resistant to harsh climates and environmental conditions that are not the best; in fact, it also resists very well against parasites, molds and fungi. Its life cycle from sowing to harvesting is relatively short, 10 weeks in total. It has sublime and natural flavors and aromas, with spicy notes of Fruit, Earth and Cheese. It is possible to grow it indoors by providing it with only 12 hours of light total as it is an autoflowering cannabis strain; to grow in grow boxes we recommend marijuana lamps very potent, with a minimum potency of 600W to make the most of this auto-flowering marijuana genetics.

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