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Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid cannabis strain of American origin. It is a very popular variety thanks to its production of XXL yields. It produces yields of 450-500 g / m², which are highly satisfying.


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Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid cannabis strain of American origin. This strain has literally “broken through” the barriers of Europe and the world, becoming one of the most cultivated strains in recent years by millions of THC cannabis growers. Its high success is due to its splendid effects; in fact, its inflorescences produce exhilarating cerebral highs and relax the body, making the consumer feel largely relaxed and rested. After only 8-9 weeks of flowering, her strong, resin-filled buds will be ready.

It is a very popular variety thanks to its production of XXL yields. In fact, indoors, its height reaches 80-110 and its yields of 450-500 g / m² are highly satisfactory. Outdoors, its height will be between 150-200 cm. Outdoor yields are 425-450g / plant. While in indoor crops we will go to cut this strain after about 12 weeks; outdoor it will be harvested in the best month of the year to do so, or in October and the buds will be dried.

Girl Scout Cookies is an extremely rich strain of tetrahydrocannabinol, aka THC. In fact, its content is impressive, which often exceeds 23%. Furthermore, it has a very low CBD content, i.e. between 0-1%, so this strain is completely psychoactive! Today, it is one of the most used cannabis plants in the world.

Another special feature is the enormous quantity of resin and trichomes that it produces on its splendid and brilliant inflorescences of a very bright green color.

It is very popular with consumers, as well as for its very high THC content, also thanks to its fantastic flavors and aromas, which are earthy and extremely sweet. The Girl Scout Cookies plant has the specialty of not requiring special attention, as it is a very simple plant to grow and manage. In fact, this is also another reason why it is used a lot. Even novice growers can choose to plant this strain. Surely, with good environmental conditions even the worst grower will be able to grow and flourish this cannabis plant genetics, given its ease of cultivation.

THC 23%
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