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Northern Lights Auto is an autoflowering cannabis strain. This cannabis indica plant has the ability to produce up to 550 g/m² of buds packed with resin and with a high THC of over 14%.


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Northern Lights Auto is a strain that is much loved and used by millions of autoflowering growers worldwide. It is an autoflowering indica cannabis strain. This is a wonderful cannabis strain, the original photoperiod version comes from Afghanistan. This plant in addition to some structural characteristics has nothing less than the splendid original version, in fact the inflorescences, between size, flavor and aroma between the photo and car version are identical. The size of this strain is surprising for being an autoflower, in fact it can grow up to 1.20 meters indoors and 1.60 meters outdoors, but this high height is also due to its final yield above the norm.

Northern Lights Auto grown indoors or outdoors requires no daily maintenance; so we are talking about a very simple plant that can be grown and managed without too many problems. In fact, it is no coincidence that even novice and inexperienced growers in cannabis cultivation have chosen this strain several times.

The bud production is around 500 g / m² indoors. On the other hand, if planted outdoors it will yield 220g per plant grown. These types of plants need a warmer climate compared to other varieties, but they also adapt very well to mild or slightly cold climates, as long as they are not excessively so. From sowing, the plants begin to grow and bloom almost immediately; they are ready to be harvested within a maximum of 10-12 weeks. This plant is also very popular for its great use for therapeutic purposes; in fact, its pleasant calming and relaxing effects on a muscular, physical and even mental level are widely recognized.

Northern Lights Auto is a plant rich in tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the active ingredient of cannabis more commonly called THC, the content is very high, the amount exceeds 14% and the CBD content is very low (2%). It is also special in that it also produces a lot of resin on its beautiful flowers. Today it is one of the most widely grown autoflowering strains in the world. The flowers of this cannabis strain have a very citrusy flavor and aroma; this flavor and aroma that smells of fresh and sweet fruit is much loved and desired. It has the distinction of being full of trichomes and terpenoids.

THC 14%
CBD 2%
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