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Gelato 41 Auto is an Indica dominant autoflowering cannabis strain. Indoors, we will be able to harvest 500-600g / m². She has very high THC levels of 26%, which generates an exhilarating high.


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Gelato 41 Auto is an Indica dominant autoflowering cannabis strain. The genetic makeup of Gelato 41 Auto comes from the famous Cookie family of the west coast of the United States, which is now the producer of some of the most popular and modern genetics.

After sowing, we will only have to wait a few weeks and the plant will become “adult”. Gelato 41 Auto becomes a plant of extraordinary beauty, with large inflorescences and beautiful colors, from light green to purple. The top is very voluminous, covered with orange hairs and a thick layer of THC crystals. This strain can reach a height of 60-80 cm indoors; in outdoor cultivation, on the other hand, it reaches a height of 80-130 cm. Indoors, under ideal conditions we can easily harvest 500-600g / m². Instead, in outdoor crops, always in good environmental conditions, we will harvest 100-150 g per plant. To get some great buds, it will be possible to trim the tops of this plant.

Try this cannabis strain for yourself, it is one of the plants with the highest potential on the market. It is a very simple plant to grow. In fact, it is highly recommended even for novice growers with little experience, given its strong resistance even to environmental conditions that are not entirely optimal.

Gelato 41 Auto has the special characteristic of covering the surface of its inflorescences with a thick layer of sticky resin. She also has a lot of trichomes, numerous of which will continue to produce high THC levels of 26%. Given its powerful effects, which begin to penetrate the human body, making it heavy and deeply relaxing, its buds are only for the most experienced smokers, as they could knock you out in minutes. You can smoke during the day and night. The CBD content in the inflorescences of this autoflowering cannabis plant is very low, in fact it is almost zero, CBD <1%.

Gelato 41 Auto is a cannabis strain which has the distinction of having crazy flavors and aromas. In fact, it possesses sublime flavors of mint, chocolate and fruit. Its aromas are of blueberry and delicious citrus. Its very strong effects will drive any smoker crazy, in fact, thanks to its powerful amount of THC it will provide decidedly exhilarating impulses to the brain; while physically, to your body, it will provide a relaxing effect and make all the muscles rest.

THC 26%
CBD 1%
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