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Big Bud Autoflower is an autoflowering cannabis strain of indica origin that has become very famous and loved thanks to its XXL yields. She is able to produce 400-500 g/m² indoors. It produces very high levels of THC> 22%.


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Big Bud Autoflower is an indica origin autoflowering cannabis strain that has become very popular and popular thanks to its XXL-sized final yields. This autoflowering version offers the same qualities and advantages as the original photoperiod version, but with obviously much more yields throughout the year. The only things that differentiate the autoflowering version and the photoperiod version are the duration of the whole cycle, the production and the treatment. Otherwise, the buds will taste the same and provide the same high consumers need to knock them out in seconds.

The original photoperiod strain of Big Bud arrived in Europe in the 1980s where it was welcomed by all cannabis growers with great enthusiasm due to its flavors, aromas and its decidedly huge yields. Later the autoflowering version was created, incredibly managing to maintain the flavors and strong potency of the original version.

Big Bud Autoflower plants being autoflowering have a very short life cycle, especially after germination, from sowing to harvesting they take about 8-10 weeks. These are very discrete plants with reduced dimensions to the photoperiod version; in fact these autoflowering plants grow up to 130 cm in height.

This autoflowering strain offers a very high percentage of THC in its inflorescences, which often exceeds 22%. Instead, the levels of CBD present are minimal, almost zero, we are talking about less than 1%. Thanks to her extreme THC levels, her flowers can easily put consumers off; who will feel, once smoked the product, a strong physical and mental effect of extreme relaxation. However, even its small percentage of Sativa is felt, in fact this makes this strain perfect also to grow for therapeutic users, who will be fascinated by the benefits to which the habitual use of these fantastic natural inflorescences can bring.

As the name tells us, Big Bud Autoflower, this autoflowering variety is extremely productive, in fact in indoor cultivation it reaches 400-500g / m². On the other hand, grown outdoors she will yield 150-200g per plant.

Its strong flavors are also due to the lineage of this strain from Afghani and Skunk parents. Its distinctive and strong aroma is reminiscent of a premium quality hashish flavor. Which contains sweet and pungent notes of floral, musk and fruit tones.

THC 22%
CBD 0-1%
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