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AK 2.0 Autoflower is a cannabis strain that offers a multitude of qualities. This hybrid is fast, easy to grow and produces big yields of particularly potent buds with THC> 23%.


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AK 2.0 Auto is an autoflowering cannabis strain of hybrid, indica-dominant origin. It has all the fundamental characteristics that an autoflowering strain must have, including speed, robustness, optimal yields and very special flavors and aromas. This plant, being part of the autoflowering varieties, will flower after 3-4 weeks of vegetative phase, building up to then a very strong plant and resistant to stress and possible parasites present in the growing environment. After this period of vegetative growth, it will begin its flowering phase which will end after approximately 8-9 weeks.

The AK 2.0 Auto grows with extreme vigor and does not require special attention. You will no longer have to worry about changing light cycles or adopting other complicated techniques as it grows. It is a plant that maintains rather contained heights, without exceeding one meter. This makes it perfect for any growing environment, adapting to even the smallest growth boxes.

Despite her size and autoflowering genetics, she is an extremely productive plant, in fact she can produce up to 475g / m² indoors and 160g per plant outdoors. It also grows to medium-high sizes, in fact, in indoor crops, these plants will grow up to 60-70 cm in height. While, in outdoor crops we will see plants grow that will reach 70-100 cm in height.

Her extraordinary high reflects the balanced blend of her Indica and Sativa genes. When smoking, it causes incredibly relaxing sensations, but induces a very pleasant stimulating “high“. It is also a plant with interesting therapeutic properties and can effectively help against various health ailments, both physical, such as migraines, arthritis and pain, and mental, such as stress, depression and anxiety. It has extraordinary aromas, of musk and incense, and excellent spicy and extremely sweet flavors. This cannabis strain, during its flowering phase, will emanate these aromas into the air throughout the growing environment. It is a very potent plant that hits hard, thanks to its high THC concentrations, which reach over 23%.

With some autoflowers you have to compromise, giving up some qualities in favor of comfort. In some cases they can be not very powerful or lose most of the flavors of the original. Fortunately, the AK 2.0 Autoflower does not exhibit these drawbacks.

THC 23%
CBD <1%
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