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Finola is an autoflowering dioecious variety from Northern Europe, so accustomed to cold climates it can be grown at any time of the year. It is of medium height and produces CBD inflorescences, finola oil, etc.

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Finola seeds is a sativa cannabis variety that has been developed in Finland since 1995; it can develop female flowers or male flowers with a 50% probability.

This hemp variety is autoflowering in nature; this is to say that it will flower on its own without reducing the hours of light indoors and outdoors without waiting for the end of summer when the hours of light are reduced. This represents a considerable advantage for industrial growers, who are also very fascinated by Finola thanks to this characteristic. In addition, Finola grows strong and luxuriant even in the coldest months of the year with very low temperatures thanks to its Northern European origin; all she needs is water, perfectly draining soil, air and the few hours of light she needs as an autoflowering variety.

This plant is perfectly within the legal limits having THC <0.2%, instead it has a strong presence of CBD, this detail makes its inflorescences perfect for recreational use or even better for therapeutic purposes. This characteristic makes it a plant appreciated all over the world by the most experienced growers; we reiterate that even a beginner grower would be easily able to cultivate Finola given its adaptability and resistance even to the most critical conditions.

Finola is a genetics that is part of the European certified seeds list. It also belongs to the Dioica cannabis strain, which means that it can easily reach incredible heights of almost 2 meters; it has a very short vegetative cycle of about 120 days, and in this time the plant gains an incredible strength, vigor and yield. It has a very short flowering of about 7 weeks (which begins a month after sowing, in which the male flowers pour pollen). It can also be grown indoors.

Certified Finola seeds are therefore very economical considering its advantages once cultivated and harvested for numerous purposes. In fact, it is cultivated to produce seeds for food use; in fact, Finola oil contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which are two essential nutrients for our body and are very good for our health. It is also used for the production of CBD inflorescences and extraction biomass.

Genotype: Dioecy
Region of origin: Finland
Production: Indoor and Outdoor
Climate adaptability: Northern, central and Southern Europe
Vegetative cycle: 90/130 days
Plant height: 1,6-1,8 meters
Outdoor flowering: End of June / July
Indoor flowering: 8-9 weeks
Inflorescence production: abundant
THC: 0.2% CBD: up to 9/10%
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We ship all products within 24 hours of order confirmation, delivery times are generally 1 to 5 days (depends on the shipping method you choose). The cost of shipping starts from 5 €.

How can I pay on your site?

We accept major credit cards or bank transfer. In our office in Barcelona it is also possible to pay in cash or using Crypto currency. If you have alternative methods to propose, do not hesitate to contact our staff.

Is shipping safe?

Thanks to our experience we are able to send seeds to any corner of the world quickly, safely and efficiently.

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What are certified hemp seeds?

Certified hemp seeds are Cannabis genetics for most of the Cannabis Sativa L. Species, approved by the European Union for the cultivation and marketing of the derived material. The use of these varieties is essential if you want to legally grow hemp.

What is the Seed Tag Certificate?

All the seeds of the industrial hemp section purchased on our site are sent together with the copy of the original certificate of origin of the seed which together with the invoice (issued by an authorized company like ours) allows you to clearly and unequivocally demonstrate the origin of the seeds and the lawfulness of cultivation.

What level of thc and cbd do certified hemp seeds have?

Industrial hemp seeds are very different from each other, generally developing a thc level between 0.1% and 0.4%. In any case, by using certified hemp seeds with a valid certificate of origin, you are covered from any criminal risk in the event of a thc level reasonably above the limit.

When can I start growing Hemp outdoors?

The best month to start cultivation is certainly May, especially if we use photo-dependent varieties, in fact by exploiting the entire cycle we can obtain yields of up to 1.4kg per plant in varieties such as carmagnola. On the other hand, if we opt for autoflowering genetics such as Finola, in particularly favorable climates we can obtain up to 3 harvests per year.

What will be the sex of the cannabis plants that will grow from certified hemp seeds?

Most Certified Sativa L cannabis seeds are regular, therefore not feminized. As a natural rule, the proportion between males and females is about 40-60 / 30-70.

Can i buy feminized certified cannabis seeds?

As a big news on our site this year there are some certified hemp varieties present in the European list and sold with their own certificate, completely feminized therefore with 100% female plants ready for the production of inflorescences.


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