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Carmagnola seeds they are a historic Italian variety of industrial hemp. Produces tall plants up to 5,5 meters with CBD between 7 and 10%. This variety is one of the most productive ever. Variety with certificate of the European Union.

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Carmagnola seeds they are a variety of hemp photoperiod dioecious, which is particularly used in productions in Italy, especially in Piedmont. This genetics was the result of crossings by some growers of the last century. This cannabis sativa genetics are also extremely loved and used by world-class growers. This variety brings Italy's name to the top in the world as regards the cultivation of hemp. Its inflorescences are also highly appreciated, thanks to their perfume and their resin that covers the whole flower. Its flowers have very high levels of cbd up to 15%, and concentrations of THC within the limit of the law, lower than 0.2%.

This plant is part ofEuropean seed list of hemp, it is therefore a completely legal variety that is well known all over the world, it is an Italian super excellence much appreciated for its flavors and aromas loved by all CBD consumers in the world.

It is an extremely plant strong and robust, has the specialty of easily adapting to even the coldest and most rigid climates. She has a life cycle very long, approx 8 months, but it will be worth the wait to then produce an incredible plant with supernatural yields. Its special feature is its height, in fact, Carmagnola seeds can easily grow up to 5,5 meters tall and produce a super crop of approx 1,5 kg di light grass.

This variety of hemp it is also cultivated for the production of fabrics, also as a thermal insulator, and as a use in green building. This plant does not require particular maintenance. Loved by the whole planet for its huge production. It is a strain of c extremely simple to grow outdoors. In fact, thanks to its resistance and its great setting, it manages to grow resistant even in environmental conditions outside the norm. So, these hemp plants they can also be grown by novice and novice growers without any problems.

The parcel of carmagnola seeds in the long run it must be kept in a cool place. As far as the chemical physical genetic nature is fantastic, capable of doing very particular things in chemical physical genetic environmental. In other words, it grows excellently even in extremely particular and "uncomfortable" environments. A suit can sometimes be influenced by several factors, i.e. several factors of nature therefore each variety could develop a greater cbd content than that written on the card, but this is not a problem at all. THE certified feminized carmagnola seedsi, that is of cannabis light, they can produce a lot of fiber. A fresh and dry seed retains all its fantastic properties. Obviously, the dry seed retains its terminability, in fact it is known that if a seed gets wet it germinates at the moment and if it is not planted in time it will die.

This cannabis genetics is not particularly stable in production levels THC in particularly hot climates (temperature above 30 degrees). There are growers who in hot places like southern Italy and the Canary Islands have obtained plants of carmagnola with thc higher than 1% 

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Up to 10%




2,5-6,5 METERS



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It will be possible to start growing hemp outdoors from April 1st in the Mediterranean climate, and sowing must not take place beyond May 30th; while, in the case of a non-Mediterranean climate, it is advisable to cultivate hemp in the period from 1 May to 30 June.

It is possible to sell industrial hemp to certain physical or online companies, including any physical store that sells it, such as grow shops and other specialized light industrial hemp-based stores.

The law on the cultivation of industrial hemp is that of 2 December 2016, which after entire decades of prohibition has made the cultivation of Cannabis Sativa of hemp varieties certified by the European Union possible again in Italy.

European funds are foreseen to cultivate hemp, but also Italy thanks to the Art. 38 of the Italian constitution to encourage the protection and relaunch of the cultivation of certain types of plants, including industrial hemp, a fund has been set up for any company that decides to grow it, all of this from 2021.

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