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CBG marijuana seeds Sativa ad high productivity di cime resinous. Levels of THC practically null.

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Sticky Force CBG is a photo period feminised cannabis variety that develops abundant levels of CBG; marijuana plants they generate cime with small percentages di CBD instead with regards to the THC it is totally absent with most of the tests in fact it returns a result of the 0.0% .

This genetics of cannabis seeds è Sativa 100% comes from the work of one of our best breeders in Oregon, from the crossing of some of the most appreciated varieties of the United States ours was born Sticky Force CBG. Cultivation of these CBG seeds it is particularly suitable for exteriors, flowering is particularly long. Indeed, the perfect time for harvest is 7 settimane after the appearance of the first flowers. The plants born from these cbg seeds are particularly resistant to dry soils the temperature must never drop below 12 degrees.

Sticky Force CBG it's about a variety di cannabis seeds which possesses a high fame level international, thanks to his feature main: thehigh production di resinous marijuana buds it's a lot compact. Growing cannabis indoors and outdoor has never been so simple, in fact this one genetics of ganja guarantees resistance and safety also in the harsher climates. CBG it's a phytocannabinoid of cannabis, usually present in small amounts. We at Grace Genetics, we have decided to offer you one genetics of marijuana cbg with percentages worth noting!

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You can find and buy cbg feminized cannabis seeds in our "cbg seeds" catalog, which contains different varieties of high cbg marijuana seeds, all feminized.

CBG, also known as Cannabigerol, is a phytocannabinoid present in cannabis plants generally in small quantities, it has various benefits for human health, in fact it is also used for therapeutic purposes as well as for recreational purposes. In our catalog there are several varieties of cannabis seeds with high percentages of cbg so you can fully enjoy this fantastic cannabinoid

The CBG, as opposed to the thc, does not produce mental and physical high effects, but only generates energizing, creative and euphoric effects, as well as possessing anxiolytic and anti-anxiety properties.

The cbg is not declared as a psychotropic substance, therefore the cultivation of cbg cannabis plants, the sale in the appropriate shops of inflorescences, oils, crystal with a high cbg content is legal and does not represent an obstacle for the law.

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