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Live Rosin cbd up to 15% obtained from fresh cannabis flowers rich above all in CBGA, this extract is totally free of additives. In fact, only frozen water is used throughout the process.


Quantity Price
1 - 4 9.90
5 - 9 8.00
10 - 24 6.90
25 - 49 6.30
50 - 99 5.00
100+ 4.00


Grace Genetics’ live rosin CBD is one of the rarest THC-free products. It can be made from two types of hash, which are made from fresh marijuana buds, namely Fresh Frozen Sift or Fresh Frozen Ice. This product with a high CBD and CBG content is obtained from the processing of freshly harvested hemp inflorescences. After freezing the trichome-rich flowers at -40 °C, separate the trichomes from the plant material with distilled water. The resulting product is a bulk material similar to bubble hash, which is extracted using a cold press after drying.

No solvent is used for the production of the high-quality live rosin, but simply ice water and the great force of pressure are used.

The main merit of the fantastic live Rosin consists of the raw material of origin; in fact, by using freshly cut cannabis sativa inflorescences in the final product all the terpenes (even the most volatile ones) are preserved. The live rosin cbd thanks to its particular production method manages to preserve large quantities of CBG (in our product 6%). Throughout the long manufacturing process, the product is always kept at a constant temperature, ie below 7 °C; given that the lack of heat avoids the decarboxylation of the product; so that in the final product we will still manage the acid part of the molecules present in cannabis such as CBGA and CBDA.

Live rosin is a much-loved product in the world, in fact, as already explained, it is a product of remarkable quality also given its very long and complicated manufacturing process. In fact, it is enough to miss even a small step in this process to ruin a very rare product and waste a lot of money. Live rosin is very well known and desired in the USA; in the United States there are many consumers of this type of hashish; who are willing to spend a lot of money to buy it thanks also to its beneficial properties due to its high CBD content, as well as for the taste and spatial aromas.


THC 0.03 0.30
THCA 0.21 2.10
CBD 0.50 5.00
CBDA 9.10 90.10
CBN 0.19 1.90
THC 0.23 2.30
CBD 15.00% 150.00


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