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OG Kush CBD is a solid Hash with a clear appearance obtained by dry sieving in a protected and clean environment of Cannabis Sativa flowers of the OG Kush variety has a CBD level close to 12% and a THC below 0.2%.


Quantity Price
1 - 4 4.00
5 - 10 3.80
11 - 25 3.20
26 - 50 3.00
51 - 99 2.80
100+ 2.40


OG Kush CBD is a solid Hash with a clear appearance obtained by dry sieving in a protected and clean environment of Cannabis Sativa flowers of the OG Kush variety has a CBD level close to 12% and a thc below 0.2%. The flavor is fresh and strong typical of Kush strains with a great variety of trichomes.

This product was made using 100% OG Kush CBD flowers grown outdoors to 1200 meters above sea level. The particular position of the cultivation has allowed us to create a product with a very particular and intense flavor. The use of special organic products makes this CBD hash totally free of heavy metals and contaminants.

OG KUSH CBD, Purest Hashish

Thanks to our microscope photos we can appreciate the purity of this product, the terpene mixture and 80% pure we used a super fine mesh frame to make this hash as pure as possible by eliminating all waste of plant material.

The first thing Hash OG Kush lovers think about is its high quality. She is truly loved all over the world, but especially in the United States; where the name has entered popular culture and is often associated with celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. Over the years, Hash OG Kush has become increasingly accepted due to its therapeutic potential. In particular, CBD not being psychoactive provides effective medical qualities; all of which can help treat a wide range of physical and mental health problems.

With its therapeutic properties thanks to the very high CBD content; Hash OG Kush is able to offer valuable aids, regarding natural remedies with anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to help various previously irreparable diseases. The Cannabidiol (CBD) present in this very famous Hashish can strongly help fight cancer, irritable bowel, epilepsy, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, depression and many other very serious diseases.


THC 0.02 0.20
THCA 0.19 1.90
CBD 0.42 4.20
CBDA 8.70 87.00
CBN 0.18 1.80
THC 0.20 2.00
CBD 11.50% 110.50


How long will my order be delivered?

We ship all products within 24 hours of order confirmation, delivery times are generally 1 to 5 days (depends on the shipping method you choose). The cost of shipping starts from 5 €.

How can I pay on your site?

We accept major credit cards or bank transfer. In our office in Barcelona it is also possible to pay in cash or using Crypto currency. If you have alternative methods to propose, do not hesitate to contact our staff.

Is shipping safe?

Thanks to our experience we are able to send seeds to any corner of the world quickly, safely and efficiently.

How can I order wholesale?

Contact our team via the form on the contact page.



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