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Hash Gelato CBD + 20% Super lemon Haze. The result is a very aromatic product with a soft consistency. It is particularly loved all over the world thanks to its powerful therapeutic properties.


Quantity Price
1 - 4 4.50
5 - 10 4.00
11 - 25 3.50
26 - 50 3.00
51+ 2.50


Hash Gelato CBD pure trichome mixture from the CBD Gelato variety (genetics rich in resin). To increase the aroma we have added 25% of Lemon Haze CBD flowers. In our gallery we have added a microscope image so that you can easily appreciate the multitude of terpenes that make up this truly high quality Hash.
The result is a hash with an intense flavor and an amber appearance. Thanks to the use of a very fine sieve this product is very soft and easily pulverized. The CBD level is relatively high for a product extracted in an artisanal way; in fact this value varies between 9% and 12%. The thc instead is abundantly below 0.2% this makes it a 100% legal product in most countries of the world.

Hash Gelato CBD is a dry extracted organic product using only cannabis sativa flowers. The production method allows us to preserve all the properties of the trichomes in a pure dough.

Hash Gelato CBD, Properties and aromas

Hashish Gelato CBD is an ideal CBD mix, suitable for those who love to be amazed by the fruity taste and aroma. With this incredibly delicious blend, the rich berry flavor is tempered by citrus aromas, especially lemon. The flavor of this CBD hash can be released harmoniously by mixing citrus flavors. Experience a try! The particular aroma of red fruits, coupled with the aromas of fresh lemon and mango, first of all presents a clear image of the characteristic smell of hashish, previously thick and enveloped, however the citrus flavor leaves a primitive and lively aftertaste. From the lush lemon grove to the tropical flair, it’s all intoxicating.

This type of legal hash is soft to the touch and easy to crush without losing the body. It is particularly loved throughout Europe and beyond, in fact this super hashish is also very well known in the United States of America; thanks to its very particular flavors and aromas, it also has many therapeutic properties thanks to its high CBD content.

THC 0.02 0.20
THCA 0.17 1.70
CBD 0.37 3.70
CBDA 8.20 82.00
CBN 0.14 1.40
THC 0.20 2.00
CBD 9,50% 90.50
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