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Charas CBD is one of the best products that can be obtained from the tops of the resin crystallized plant buds. The smell is strong, with fruity and mint, spicy wood and earth notes and has spatial aromas.


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Charas CBD is one of the best products that can be obtained from the top of the tops of the crystallized resin plants, thanks to the very pure air that you breathe on the peaks of the Orsomarso mountains or the Himalayas. Its special production method allows you to optimally preserve all the wool rich in cannabinoids. In this way they are trapped in the resin of the plants that are still alive. In fact, while the cannabis plant is still underground, the extraction of charas, which we would like to point out that it is a method originating in India, is carried out entirely manually using ancient techniques from several centuries ago, which they are still very much appreciated and admired today.

All the characteristics of this smoke

One of the key features of this super prized hashish containing a lot of trichomes is its aroma. In fact, by making the terpene droplets present in the trichomes not subject to any thermal stress, they remain almost intact. Due to the special manufacturing process of this product, we can smell the green materials, which is not found in other types of resins. The smell is strong, strong, with fruity and mint, spicy wood and earth notes. As for the level of CBD present in Charas, it is between 16% and 20%. The THC level remains sufficiently low between 0.1% and 0.2%.

This Charas CBD hashish is only made using cannabis sativa plants. We often see plant blends that have nothing to do with cannabis and the original CHARAS made from hemp plants. We invite you to use only genuine products from serious and reliable companies.

Of all our CBD products, this concentrate is one of the best and is enjoyed by most customers. Who can identify Viva concentrate in cannabis is one of the very few products that guarantee the complete existence of all cannabinoid molecules.

He was also highly regarded by Shiva.

Hindus of northern India believe that the birth of the cannabis plant must be attributed to one of the main Hindu deities, Shiva, who has reached the sixteenth reincarnation but sadly lost his beloved love Parvati (Parvati). Holy place, this denied him. Annoyed by this loss, he tore a seed from his thighs and threw it on the surrounding mountains, which caused some plants to grow spontaneously. Then, to make up for the lack of his love, he completely dedicated his life until his death to the use of Charas. This helped him not to make him miss his woman, who unfortunately lost.

THC 0.02 0.20
THCA 0.17 1.70
CBD 1,43 14,30
CBDA 9.60 96.00
CBN 0.03 0.30
THC 0.20 2.00
CBD 16% 160.00
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We ship all products within 24 hours of order confirmation, delivery times are generally 1 to 5 days (depends on the shipping method you choose). The cost of shipping starts from 5 €.

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We accept major credit cards or bank transfer. In our office in Barcelona it is also possible to pay in cash or using Crypto currency. If you have alternative methods to propose, do not hesitate to contact our staff.

Is shipping safe?

Thanks to our experience we are able to send seeds to any corner of the world quickly, safely and efficiently.

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