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Mister Lemon Haze CBD is a very famous and world-renowned cannabis Sativa genetics thanks to its therapeutic purposes for its very high CBD content of 14% and its uplifting flavors and aromas.


Quantity Price
1 - 2 4.90
3 - 9 4.90
10 - 29 4.00
30 - 49 3.50
50 - 99 3.00
100+ 2.80


Mister Lemon Haze CBD is a very famous and well-known cannabis sativa genetics in the world thanks also to its therapeutic purposes for its very high CBD contents, which in this marijuana variety easily reach 14%.

These inflorescences, like the most classic of Haze genetics, have the particularity of having an open and wide appearance. These flowers are very rich in resin and give off a strong, very intense scent, all thanks to Limonene, which is the dominant terpene.

Mister Lemon Haze CBD is a selected autoflowering CBD product grown in hydroponics, which allows our growers to take full advantage of the plant’s genetic potential. Furthermore, the advantages of hydroponics allow us to obtain products that are completely clean and free from residues of fertilizers or contaminants; which guarantees our original taste. Above all, the product underwent a 4-month “curing in glass” process at controlled temperature and humidity. This allows us to enhance all the cannabinol present (convert it into wonderful crystals), as well as to completely dry the cannabis buds. Most of the flowers on the market are subjected to industrial drying methods and are often forced to use over time. This aging in glass has always been a self-production process (also in this case certain patience is required).

We at Grace Genetics thanks to the passion and dedication of our growers / collaborators have made this splendid cbd flowers only for true connoisseurs.

THC 0.04 0.40
THCA 0.22 2.20
CBD 0.61 6.10
CBDA 13.50 130.50
CBN 0.21 2.10
THC 0.18 1.80
CBD 13.8% 130.80
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