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The buds of Jack Herer are covered in sticky trichomes full of crystallized resin, rich in juicy terpenes; also for this reason it is particularly loved by many CBD consumers around the world.


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1 - 2 5.00
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The light cannabis variety JACK HERER CBD, as well as the original version, was obtained by crossing genetics of Skunk, Haze, northern lights (obviously in their cbd version). The end result is a predominant Sativa herb with a slightly open flower but rich in resin and trichomes. Prevalent terpenes are terpinolene and Alpha-humuene, which together with lemon give it a very spicy aroma with a bitter/sweet flavor. Furthermore, this strain has a CBD level of around 12% while THC remains below the legal limit. This CBD cannabis strain was grown in relatively high temperatures (around 27-29 degrees). This has allowed cannabis plants to develop some very special cannabinoids such as CBDV and CBG. Its use is highly recommended for anyone looking for a full spectrum of cannabis compounds.

Jack Herer CBD, like our other strains, is hand-picked and cleaned; this allowed us to preserve all the terpenes intact.

Jack Herer, Resin and Trichomes

The buds of Jack Herer grown according to the Greenhouse method are particularly dense; with a light green color, and also with numerous bright rust-colored filaments.
This famous inflorescence is covered with sticky trichomes full of crystallized resin, rich in juicy terpenes; also for this reason it is particularly loved by many CBD consumers around the world.
Its buds are characterized by a scent which is reminiscent of candy and cinnamon, releasing a delicious sweet and very spicy aroma.

Jack Herer CBD and the original version have in common a very famous terpene that is very rare in the cannabis world, namely “terpinolene” in English “Terpinene”. This molecule has the fundamental characteristic of being able to act on the human nervous system by calming pain and anxiety. Therefore, it also has many possible therapeutic uses around the world. Our personal main advice to preserve all the benefits of this fantastic strain is to prefer the use of a vaporizer to better feel all the aromas, flavors and effects that this spectacular light cannabis strain is able to offer.

THC 0.06 0.60
THCA 0.24 2.40
CBD 0.59 5.90
CBDA 12.70 120.70
CBN 0.17 1.70
THC 0.20 2.00
CBD 12.5% 120.50
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