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Our Cherry Wine CBD strains allow our customers to experience a very rare hybrid cannabis flower being 50% sativa and 50% Indica; it can be enjoyed both day and night.


Quantity Price
1 - 2 5.00
3 - 9 5.00
10 - 29 4.00
30 - 49 3.50
50 - 99 3.00
100+ 2.80


Our Cherry Wine CBD strains allow our customers to experience a very rare hybrid cannabis flower. Being 50% sativa and 50% indica it can be enjoyed at any time of the day, both day and night. Cherry Wine CBD cannabis light inflorescences are of high quality; which are grown according to the “vegan” method (without the use of fertilizers of animal origin) indoors and the seeds of our famous and much loved Cherry Auto CBD. The result is a product with a very sweet and delicate smell. This strain has its origins in Southern California. This strain of light cannabis, after several years of selection, offers very high levels of CBD in relation to THC, which always remains below the limit imposed by law.

It owes its name thanks to its notes of very ripe cherries, together with more earthy notes of pine; both of these notes are in fact found in wines; which have undoubtedly contributed to giving birth to the ultra syrupy consistency of the crystals of these marijuana buds, and the name.

Cherry Wine CBD turns out to be a very delicate strain with nice compact and very sticky buds.

The terpenes of this gorgeous light cannabis genetics pop with a hint of sweet stone fruit layered with pine and peppery undertones. There are high levels of b-caryophyllene and linalool, which give this strain its rich therapeutic effect (since cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system and this system plays a role in regulating pain, stress, energy, fertility and many other very complex physical processes) and very relaxing. Furthermore, Cherry Wine CBD can also be called a “powerhouse” which is rich in CBD and is capable of providing delicious smokability.

THC 0.08 0.80
THCA 0.21 2.10
CBD 0.68 6.80
CBDA 16.89 168.90
CBN 0.17 1.70
THC 0.20 2.00
CBD 16.70% 16.70
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