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CHARLOTTE DREAM CBD photoperiod feminized cannabis seeds reach maturity in 9 weeks of flowering and grow to a height of approximately 240 cm. It offers a very stable cannabinoid level with a 1:20 ratio.


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CHARLOTTE DREAM CBD is a photoperiod cannabis seed genetics. These feminized seeds were selected in the USA in early 2010, Charlotte Dream cbd was perhaps one of the first recorded medical cannabis strains in history. The Genes are composed of a 60% Sativa and a 40% Indica, the selection in recent years very stable in the production of cannabinoids. This marijuana strain is especially appreciated for its high CBD values, ​​which under optimal conditions well exceed 16%. The THC: CBD ratio in this strain is 1:20 we can expect a thc between 0.10 and 0.30.

CHARLOTTE DREAM CBD is a sativa cannabis that completes the flowering cycle in about 9 weeks, this genetic shows an exuberant growth from the first weeks, we can safely plant it in the late phase without sacrificing productivity.

Growing outdoors directly in the ground is always the best way to obtain a super abundant yield, about 400g of dry inflorescences on the complete cycle. Instead, in indoor cultivation or in greenhourse it is recommended to choose pots of at least 35 liters to get the maximum yield. This thc-free cannabis strain can grow up to 250 cm, producing abundant, resin-rich buds. In indoor cultivation, height is one of the main factors to be evaluated, choosing Charlotte Dream cbd a winning choice can be to use techniques such as SOG and LST.

This splendid cannabis sativa genetics, in the last decade, has expanded more and more from the United States of America; in fact, thanks to its fantastic supernatural flavors and aromas and its incredible therapeutic properties, thanks above all to the very high quantities of Cannabidiol (CBD); this light marijuana strain has become very famous and known all over the world. Charlotte Dream CBD is of a premium quality; we find the advantage in growing it, which is very simple and does not require particular daily maintenance, also suitable for beginner growers.

THC 0.3%
CBD 16%
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