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marijuana seeds: CBD seeds

CBD seeds are marijuana seeds characterized by high levels of Cannabidiol and very low values ​​of THC. The certified feminized cbd seeds contain CBD, which is a cannabinoid present in the cells of the Marijuana plant, CBD is a chemical substance with relaxing and calming effects that counteract the psychoactive effects of THC. Certified cbd seeds are legal to grow in several European countries thanks to the WHO conference on CBD which declared it as a non-harmful substance with very good therapeutic properties!

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Cannabis seeds feminized al 99.9% globally from quality unheard of. rese never seen before with a new cannabinoid of cannabis: CBDV!

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    Super Lemon Haze Auto CBD feminized seed varieties  Autoflowering, this genetics is ready in 9 weeks from germination. Offers a harvest of up to 120 grams per plant, in indoor cultivation it guarantees a yield of 1 gram per kWh.

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      Sour Diesel Auto, autoflowering cbd seeds with a THC below 0,6% and very high CBD levels of 16%. This fantastic made in usa genetics is finally available in a light cannabis version for smokers of cannabis with a high CBD content who do not want the psychoactive effects due to the THC.

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        Light cannabis seeds autoflowering. Super heavy yields both indoors and outdoors. Cultivate your passion with Grace Genetics.

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          Cannabis seeds Purple Queen CBD, genetics autoflowering that generates crazy returns! Cultivate your Passion with Grace Genetics.


            PURPLE FROST CBD



              KUSH ROCK CBD

              Cultivate your passion with cannabis seeds Kush Rock CBD, times of flowering short, different height: fantastic and productivity awesome!   

                 ♀️ 100% FEMINIZED SEEDS ♀️ 


                GORILLA CBD

                Gorilla CBD it is a special strain of cannabis sativa winner of numerous world-class awards. She is also very popular thanks to her high amounts of CBD 13,5% and at its very low levels of THC<0,3%. The Gorilla CBD has many therapeutic properties.

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                  CRITICAL MONSTER (CBD

                  Critical Monster CBD photo dependent indica dominant, flowering lasts approximately 8-9 weeks offering a heavy yield for patient growers. 14% CBD and thc below 0.5%.


                    CINDERELLA STORY CBD

                    ♀️99,90% FEMINIZED – 🦍CRAZY YIELDS – 🌱GROW YOUR PASSION


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                      Our cannabis seeds all have a percentage of thc between 0,1% and 0.6% . Below the legal limit set by current legislation it is always legal to grow seeds with a low content of THC.

                      This is one of the first questions a grower asks himself, the answer to this question is impossible to give. The factors that regulate productivity are many, a feminized variety grown indoors using training techniques will produce even 500 grams per plant, while an autoflowering in the open field will produce up to 40 grams.

                      Il best time for grow cannabis outdoors and without a doubt May. Cannabis photo periodic flowering will begin towards mid-August and it will be possible pick it up more or less within mid-September (depending on the variety). There autoflowering cannabis can always be planted from April to August (depending on the temperatures)

                      In our catalog we offer over 23 variety of cannabis with a content of thc between 0.1% and 1%. We can choose the ones that best suit us and the current legislation in terms of cultivation of CBD.

                      I semi automatic of cannabis flower at a set time regardless of the hours of light, we can maximize by giving it even 20 hours of light during the day. On the other hand, the varieties of feminized cannabis or period photos will remain in perennial vegetative growth with 18 hours of light to trigger flowering it will be necessary to give them a maximum of 12 hours a day. 

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                      the cbd seeds of grace genetics

                      The cbd seeds of our seeds bank are high quality marijuana seeds characterized by extremely high CBD levels and low THCsometimes null. Our light cannabis seeds are confirmed to be legal to cultivate in various European states (where the law provides for it), all thanks to the therapeutic effects of the CBD and the absence of psychotropic effects related to the THC.


                      In the global landscape, the laws governing the cultivation of CBD cannabis vary considerably between countries and regions. In Europe, nations like Italy, Germany, France, Spain and Kingdom Unito have specific regulations in this regard.

                      In Italy, for example, the Decree Law of 22 November 2019, n. 124, approved by the Ministry of Health, establishes the requirements for the cultivation of hemp plants with a low content of THC.

                      In the heart of Europe, Germany, follows similar regulations, enabling the cultivation of CBD cannabis with specific restrictions. Also France, with its legal framework, allows the cultivation of hemp with a low content of THC for industrial and commercial uses.

                      Spain, renowned for its climate conducive to cultivation, has specific laws governing the CBD production. In UK, CBD cannabis cultivation it is regulated by the Home Office, with licenses issued for specific uses.

                      In addition toEurope, great nations like the United States, Canada, Australia and Brazil they have laws that vary from state to state or region to region. Over United StatesFor example, federal law permits the cultivation of low-carbon hemp THC, but state laws can vary widely.

                      Il Canada, with the legalization of cannabis in 2018, has clear regulations on the cultivation of CBD-cannabis. Australia and Brazil they are also adapting their laws to better manage the cultivation of CBD-cannabis.

                      Remember, however, that laws can change quickly, so it is always important to refer to local and current regulations when it comes to growing CBD-cannabis.


                      The light cannabis seeds of Grace Genetics are absolutely world-renowned due to our discipline and commitment to providing the highest quality marijuana seeds! Our cbd seeds are in demand by thousands of growers and farms around the world as they possess unique genetic characteristics.

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