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cannabis seeds: cbg seeds

CBG marijuana seeds with high levels of Cannabigerol, the cannabinoid par excellence. Zero THC in several varieties. The cbg seeds of Grace Genetics are characterized by the high production of cannabis cbg inflorescences, excellent percentages of CBG, low levels of CBD and the minimum trace of THC. Our cbg seeds are deemed legal in several European countries thanks to the exclusion of psychotropic effects. CBG is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, cbg has several therapeutic applications and beneficial properties!

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Marijuana seeds of one of the varieties with percentages of CBG (Cannabigerol) higher. Cultivate your Passion.

4,90  4,20 



    4,90  4,20 


      CBG marijuana seeds Sativa ad high productivity di cime resinous. Levels of THC practically null.

      4,90  4,20 


        CBG ice cream is a photoperiod cannabis genetics without the content of THC, manages to develop a CBG up to 10% and a CBD of up to 6%. Flowering lasts about 9 weeks developing plants up to 240cm and a yield of 280gr per plant.

        4,90  4,20 

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          I CBG seeds they come from ours private selection of cannabis predominantly containing this new cannabinoid recently revalued by the market. THE CBG seeds present in ours Seeds Bank are all semi-feminizzati, that is to say that they generate only and exclusively female plants, which in turn will give rise to cbg marijuana buds compact and Great resinous. Only quality and safety for our grower friends, with Grace Genetics you will never again run the risk of growing male cannabis plants in your grow. Our semi-feminizzati they will give life to female marijuana seedlings al 100%.

          Contrary to the THC Seeds, the CBG seeds di Grace Genetics are cannabis seeds characterized by thevery high presence of CBG and contain very small traces of THC (sometimes they turn out to be even without thc) in order to be considered legal in Europe. Also, contrary to the CBD Seeds, the levels of CBD present in the cbg seeds are very low, so as to avoid the interaction between the two cannabinoids by altering their effects.

          In our seeds bank there are different varieties of high quality cbg seeds, so that even the most demanding growers can choose the best cbg seed genetics ideal for their goal!

          WHAT IS CBG?

          Il CBG it is the first cannabinoid which is generated in the cannabis plant, still before THC e of the CBD. It has been discovered for a very few years, among the advantages of growing these cannabis varieties are the very low values ​​of THC present in the product, among the 0.01%  and 0.10%. It is the Cannabigerol, Or a cannabis phytocannabinoid little studied due to the recent discovery. But from what has been studied, immediately the cannabis industry experts have discovered the fantastic properties that this magical fidocannabinoid present in marijuana plants has.

          La collection of Grace Genetics offers the public CBG seeds specially created to get percentages of Cannabigerol so old that have never been seen, or even heard of before! In particular, the beneficial properties the CBG offers its consumers are numerous, among which we find anti-inflammatory properties, painkillers e activator a physical and mental level. Numerous people report feeling refreshed after one smoking session di CBG cannabis buds.

          CBG EFFECTS:

          The effects of cbg vary from person to person. Primarily, cbg has energizing and euphoric effects when consumed not in combination with other cannabinoids. Indeed, the interaction of CBD and THC the effects of CBG may vary. In addition to this, cbg also possesses numerous beneficial properties and therapeutic properties, in fact cbg guarantees anxiolytic and anti-anxiety properties, in addition to the classic anti-inflammatory properties that CBD also possesses.


          Il cbd e cbg are two cannabinoids which at first glance they may seem similar, when in reality they are extremely different with each other, including their chemical structures. For example, the cbg it's a phytocannabinoid which helps regulate appetite, sonno , the memory; while the cannabidiol (cbd) helps fight and overcome different diseases, such as cancer, epilepsyAlzheimer, etc.

          While, the difference in the cbd cannabis seeds e cbg it almost doesn't exist; it is in fact about semi-feminizzati at first sight identical, they generate identical marijuana plants; the only difference will be that the cannabis buds produced will have different percentages of cbd, cbg e thcdepending on the variety chosen.

          In our vast empire of feminized cannabis seeds there is an exclusive marijuana seed variety, for the first time with levels of THC of 0,00%, Or the Sticky Force CBG.

          CBG stands for cannabigerol and is currently being studied for its potential pharmacological properties, but has not been in any clinical trials (yet!) The plant itself is thousands of years old, and one study dates back to the 60s, but common knowledge is still new. CBG is the precursor of CBD, CBC and THC. It can be considered the stem cell of the cannabis plant. What does this mean? that CBGA (the acidic, inactive form of CBG) changes, is broken down, and becomes the building block molecule from which other cannabinoids are formed, including THC, CBD and CBC.

          As mentioned, CBG helps produce CBD, so while they are both cannabinoids, they are different compounds within the cannabis plant. Additionally, they serve different purposes and can help treat different ailments, despite some potential pharmacological overlap. Both CBG and CBD are currently considered non-psychotropic, meaning they do not alter your mood in a way that would inhibit your daily function and mental clarity. Another important note: Like CBD, CBG can counteract the intoxicating effects of THCStudies on CBG seem to show that it activates the CB1 receptor just like CBD does, which substantially reduces psychoactivation.

          Cbg cannabis strains are grown just like all other cannabis plants, cbg will naturally be the predominant cannabinoid thanks to our genetic selection. just have the foresight to harvest the plant 1-2 weeks earlier than you usually would.

          Our CBG genetics are preferred by farmers living in countries where the limit of thc and particularly stringent, see germany, france and spain. The thc and present in minimal traces, from our tests even in the phase of perhaps stress and late harvest thc never exceeded 0,01 attendance.

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          the cbg seeds of grace genetics

          The cbg seeds in our seeds bank are characterized by impressive levels of CBG and with small traces of CBD e THC. In the inflorescences that generate our cbg seeds, the psychoactive effects are absolutely nil. The cbg seeds of Grace Genetics are legal to cultivate in many European countries having levels of THC below the limits established by law!


          The Italian law that regulates the cultivation of CBG seeds is called "Legislative Decree 2 August 2019, n. 122 - Regulation of the cultivation and processing of hemp“. It was created in 2019 and is regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies.

          This law establishes the rules for the production, processing and sale of CBG (cannabigerol) seeds in Italy. According to this law, CBG seeds can only be grown if they contain less than 0,2%. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive substance in cannabis. Furthermore, they can only be grown for industrial purposes, such as the production of oil, cosmetics and food.

          The law also provides for a registration and control system for companies that produce and sell CBG seeds. These businesses must comply with certain quality and safety standards and must maintain detailed records of their activities.

          In general, the Italian CBG seed cultivation law aims to promote the development of a legal and sustainable hemp industry in Italy, while ensuring that hemp-derived products are safe for human consumption and environmentally friendly.

          cbg: discover cannabigerol!

          💚 CBG is a cannabis phytocannabinoid present in very small quantities in marijuana strains. Precisely for this reason cbg seeds were created: with the aim of obtaining cannabis plants characterized by impressive levels of CBG!

           🧑 ⚕️ CBG has therapeutic and beneficial properties perfect for people in need but also to prevent various problems related to anxiety, stress and inflammatory pains.

          🌱 Choosing CBG by buying our cbg seeds means getting the best health benefits by enjoying compact, dense and resinous cannabis inflorescences with a unique terpenic profile in the world of marijuana!

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