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Industrial hemp: hemp seeds

Find out about Grace Genetics the hemp seeds present in the list of cannabis sativa varieties certified by the European Union. All our hemp seed varieties are certified and legally cultivable throughout Europe. Our hemp seeds are of the highest quality and freshness possible with a germination rate of 99,9% for the best industrial hemp crop possible! Choose the most suitable hemp seed variety for your industrial hemp cultivation in our online shop!

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The variety of industrial hemp Tiborszallasi it is a Hungarian genetics photoperiod. Tiborszallasi is a variety Dioecious; produces spectacular inflorescences, hemp oil, hemp fiber, biomass from extraction.

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Kompolti it is a Hungarian variety, grown throughout Europe. It is part of the list of legally cultivable seeds in Europe. Abundantly produces inflorescences, seeds and biomass. Semi Kompolti generates unique aromas and flavors in the world of industrial hemp. It is a very simple plant to cultivate even for novice growers, it does not require any particular technical experience, but only information, which you can find in the eBook (only in Dutch at the moment) free from our site.

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La Futura 75 it is a species of hemp of the monoecious type and coming from France. It's genetics monoecious, that means it will produce both female and male flowers, and it is the variety of hemp most used throughout Italy.

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Finola seeds it is a variety autoflowering dioecious coming from northern Europe, therefore used to cold climates, it can be grown at any time of the year. Finola is of average height about 120/140 cm with a complete life cycle of about 8/10 weeks. While this strain can be grown in all conditions, it does best indoors not too hot and humid.

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Felina 32 is a certified sativa cannabis genetics that has French origins. It's genetics monoecious, that is to say that it produces both male and female flowers, this is an important aspect if you want to produce seeds, inflorescences, etc. Felina 32 hemp is a variety of industrial hemp present in the European catalog of certified seeds legally cultivable in the EU!

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La Fedora 17 it is a variety of cannabis monoecious produced in France and Switzerland, it also adapts to the harsher climates of northern Europe and is particularly used to produce seeds, CBD inflorescences and biomass for extraction. Fedora 17 is a sativa industrial hemp variety present in the catalog of legally cultivable seeds in the European Union and is delivered with the European certificate.

From: 29,00 

SEEDS CS Carmagnola

La Carmagnola Selected CS is a variety of feminized light cannabis. Reaches i 5,5 mt tall and is loved worldwide due to its strong flavours, aromas and its therapeutic properties due to the high quantities of CBD present (10% ) and the bass THC<0,2%.

     ♀️ 100% FEMINIZED SEEDS ♀️     



Carmagnola seeds they are a historic Italian variety of industrial hemp. Produces tall plants up to 5,5 meters with CBD between 7 and 10%. This variety is one of the most productive ever. Variety with certificate of the European Union.

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Complete autoflowering led grow box, autoflowering kits for growing cannabis indoors with grow box 120x120x200 e led lamp. Easy to set up in just 15 minutes, competitive price


Elected Bell industrial Cannabis seeds, cycle plant photo addicted life ready to harvest usually by the end of August. Values ​​of thc under the 0,2% and cbd close to 10% . Industrial sativa hemp present in the catalog of certified seeds legally cultivable throughout the European Union.

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“In our online shop you can find a huge selection of legal hemp seeds high quality, from certified crops is subject to strict quality controls. Industrial hemp is a plant with multiple properties and uses, and has been cultivated for millennia for its textile fibers, for thefood use and for its medicinal properties. There are over 230 species of industrial hemp. Only some are legal for cultivation and present in the European list of permitted species.

All our genetics of hemp seeds are 100% legal for cultivation in Europe. In fact, all the hemp seed varieties available on our website are registered in the European catalog of certified seeds legally cultivable throughout the country.XNUMX-XNUMX business days. Precisely for this reason, buying hemp seeds in our online shop allows you to have total security of getting the best hemp seeds for your own cultivation. After ordering the most suitable hemp seeds for your cultivation, you will also receive the European certificate which attests to its fullness legality of cultivation!

La Finola is a high yielding hemp seed variety, with a high percentage of CBD and a low content of THC. The Kompolti is a fast cycling hemp seed variety with high disease resistance and high seed yield. There Carmagnola it is a hardy and resistant hemp seed variety, suitable for cultivation in different climatic conditions. L'Elected bell is a medium cycle hemp seed variety, with a high percentage of CBD and a low content of THC. The Futura 75 is a medium cycle hemp seed variety, with a high percentage of CBD and a low content of THC. Buy our legal and light hemp seeds in total safety and peace of mind, choosing from the different varieties of hemp seeds available and taking advantage of our experience and professionalism in the sector."

Since growing industrial hemp has returned to being a completely legal job and business, crops around the world have surpassed the very high numbers of when industrial hemp was grown and boasted the primacy of industrialization process largest in the world in the past centuries. In particular, there are two different genetics of industrial hemp: Hemp Dioecious e Monoecious. Let's find out together what is the difference between both and their main characteristics.


Le dioecious hemp plants are a variety of industrial hemp that can be male or female, having a 50% probability in both cases. These industrial hemp plants are known for their ability to produce fiber, biomass and tops of marijuana light with unique flavors and aromas. Hemp fiber is particularly appreciated for its resistant and flexible properties, and for this reason male plants are recommended for the production of fiber. However, both sexes can be used for biomass production but only the female plants for light marijuana buds. Dioecious industrial hemp plants are the only originals present in nature, and have an important role in the natural ecosystem and in the fiber and bioplastics industry.


“The stumps of monoecious hemp they are an industrial hemp genetics that boast a great reputation thanks to their abundant seed production. However, the monoecious genetics of industrial hemp they are not the ideal choice for those who want to grow light inflorescences of legal marijuana, since this variety produces hermaphrodite plants, i.e. plants that have both male and female flowers. This means that it is not possible to rely on the genetic stability of monoecious industrial hemp to obtain single-sex plants.


I legal hemp seeds can be purchased in different types of shops but the safety, reputation andreliability they are very important when choosing to grow hemp seeds. In fact, it happens too often for unfortunate buyers to choose the wrong store to buy hemp seeds. Not many shops can boast this quality, germination rate and legality of hemp seeds Grace Genetics! The best choice you can make is to buy the best hemp seeds for growing in our online store… We at Grace Genetics we specialize in sale of hemp seeds of the highest quality providing the greatest security and discretion possible.


Absolutely yes! THE hemp seeds I'm al 100% legal to buy, sell and grow. All hemp seeds are legal to buy without any type of restriction on the possession of the hemp seeds. The situation is different with regard to the cultivation of such hemp seeds.

There is a very important precision to be made: the European law requires that the cultivation of industrial hemp be regulated by a European catalogue of legally cultivable seeds throughout the European Union. Therefore, the varieties of hemp seeds enrolled in this European register they can be grown without any kind of legal problem throughout the European territory. However, proof of the variety of hemp seeds that has been grown will be needed and for this reason we at Grace Genetics we also deliver the hemp seeds European certificate of the selected variety of hemp seeds.


Under optimal conditions i hemp seeds can be kept up to 5 years without any kind of problem. There is actually no expiration date for hemp seeds, but at the moment they will no longer be fresh germination rate it will lower considerably preventing the germination of the hemp seeds. In this case it is extremely important to store the hemp seeds in the best way to always keep them fresh and with one 100% germination.

There are three factors to consider for the conservation of hemp seeds: the light, temperature andhumidity. To store hemp seeds in the most suitable way it is necessary to store them in containers or hermetic envelopes to insulate them from the external environment and always keep them in the dark and above all with temperatures between 6-8 °C (77°F) (in special refrigerators for storage of hemp seeds).

We highly recommend purchasing your cannabis seeds from reputable seed banks, such as Grace Genetics. On our site you will find numerous varieties of industrial hemp, both dioecious and monoecious. Such as, for example, Carmagnola, Eletta Campana, Fedora 17 and Futura 75. With our sativa hemp genetics, the excellent germinability of the seeds and the fantastic growth and production of the plants are ensured.

First of all, to grow hemp seeds, it will be necessary to wait for the right season and not be in a hurry to avoid sowing them in too cold times of the year. After sowing it will be child's play, in fact these plants only need water, light and nutrients to demonstrate their power and grow in an extreme way.

By purchasing seeds in our industrial sativa cannabis catalog, you can be sure of always finding varieties present in the list of seeds certified by the European community. 

To optimally cultivate legal industrial hemp it will be necessary to purchase a variety on the list of European seeds legally cultivable in Europe. Subsequently, after the first seedlings have been born, we will have to be sure that they absorb all the nutrients they need using stable soil, water with a measured pH and correct fertilization.

I certified cannabis sativa seeds are those indicated by the EU. They are present in our immense catalog and have the purpose of giving birth and growing robust hemp plants intended for the production of inflorescences, seeds, fibers and for green building.

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All hemp seeds from Grace Genetics have levels of thc lower than the limits established by law. Furthermore, our hemp seeds are registered in the European catalog of legally cultivable seeds throughout the European Union. In this way it is possible to grow our hemp seeds without running into problems with the law!

What are the Pros and Cons of Growing Industrial Hemp in Italy?

The Italian law for the cultivation of industrial hemp was introduced in 2016 with the Decree of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forest n. 236. According to this law, the cultivation of industrial hemp is allowed only for industrial purposes and not for the production of drugs. Furthermore, the law stipulates that the cultivation of industrial hemp must be authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, which will provide a list of hemp seeds approved for cultivation.

To obtain authorization to grow industrial hemp, growers must submit an application to the Ministry of Agriculture and provide some information, such as the total area that will be grown, the type of hemp seed that will be used and the place of cultivation. Once the application has been approved, the grower receives a permit valid for one year and must comply with certain rules for growing hemp, such as a ban on the use of pesticides and control of the content of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) of crops.

Industrial hemp can only be grown in certain regions of Italy and the Ministry of Agriculture can limit the total area to be grown based on market needs. In addition, industrial hemp growers must register their crops with the Ministry of Agriculture and provide seed and finished product samples for quality checks.

In general, the Italian law for the cultivation of industrial hemp aims to promote the development of the hemp industry in Italy, while at the same time ensuring that the cultivation of hemp is safe and meets quality standards. Industrial hemp is a versatile plant with many applications, from the production of fabrics to bioplastics, and its cultivation can be a development opportunity for Italian agriculture.


Our hemp seeds possess the highest possible germination rate to ensure industrial hemp growers get as many successes as possible! The hemp seeds of Grace Genetics they are characterized by a germination of 99,9%. Upon delivery of the hemp seeds, you also receive the European certification which attests to their full legality! The hemp seeds are carefully selected before being put on the market in our seeds bank.

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