Gorilla Glue Auto is an autoflowering hybrid cannabis strain. She completes her full cycle in 8-9 weeks and produces very high yields of up to 600g/m² indoors. Loved for her super high THC levels of 24%.

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The legendary Gorilla Glue genetics finally appeared in the autoflowering version as well. It is a hybrid strain that has been very successful in the world cannabis market. Like the original photoperiod strain of Gorilla Glue, this strain grows vigorously. It has the particularity of forming leaves of a bright green color and is covered with a very thick and abundant layer of resin that will provide it with all its powerful effect. Thanks to its particular characteristics of easy acclimatization even in the coldest climates and its resistance to mold and pests, even novice growers can afford to cultivate this splendid genetics. It is therefore a very easy cannabis strain to grow.

Gorilla Glue Auto has the special characteristic of being practically the same as the photoperiod version as regards the flavor, aroma and potency of the inflorescences. The only aspect for which it is different will obviously be the structural aspect of the plant, including duration, height, production, etc. It will only take 8-9 weeks to complete your entire cycle. In a warm, sunny climate and providing it with water, air and nutrients, it will grow very vigorously and produce extremely swollen and fragrant buds.

Thanks to its incredible success, Gorilla Glue Auto was awarded Best Hybrid at the 2014 Michigan Cup and SoCal competitions very easily and without any hiccups.

The strong production of inflorescences is a characteristic of this genetic also present in the autoflowering version. In fact, this strain, if grown indoors, will surely be able to produce 400-600g/m². On the other hand, outdoors she will certainly yield up to 300-350g per plant. Its particular inflorescences differ from the others by having a lot of resin and by their aroma of lemon, pine and diesel.

Gorilla Glue Auto, is one of the most potent autoflowering genetics out there. In fact, they produce extreme levels of THC, which reaches 24% and sometimes even exceeds it. All this thanks to the high quantity of trichomes present, which are extremely productive. Instead, it has a very low level of CBD, almost zero, which never exceeds 1%. It generates a strongly euphoric effect on the mental level, but relaxing on the physical level to consumers. A product suitable to smoke after a long day of work to relax while keeping the brain active and awake ready for any eventuality.

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