Gelato 41 is an indica-dominant hybrid photoperiod cannabis strain, which is much loved for its XXL buds; She can produce 500–700g/m² indoors and up to 850g per plant outdoors with THC levels of 27%.

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Gelato 41 is a photoperiod cannabis strain of indica-dominant hybrid origin, extremely popular Californian weed genetics, much loved by growers and consumers across the planet. This strong adoration for this photoperiod strain comes mainly from its huge production of XXL buds; these gems will become very large and give you breathtaking colors and fragrances. These inflorescences are spectacular, with beautiful colors ranging from light green to purplish.

These indoor photoperiod indica marijuana strains can grow to heights of 80-120 cm. On the other hand, when grown outdoors, under ideal environmental conditions, they will calmly grow up to 220 cm. Gelato 41 strain is a variety which is very easy to grow; in fact it is a genetics greatly appreciated for the fact that it does not take much experience to be able to extract excellent yields.

The flowering cycle for these plants indoors will be 9-10 weeks. While, outdoors, you will have to wait until the beginning of October, when we will finally harvest splendid fragrant buds. The inflorescences of Gelato 41 have the fantastic characteristic of having a large layer of resin on top of them, which makes the flowers an out of the ordinary high.

The inflorescences of Gelato 41 must be smoked with extreme caution; in fact given its very high THC content they will get smokers high enough to knock them out in a few moments. Its powerful effects begin to penetrate the human body, making it heavy and deeply relaxed. You can smoke during the day to recover energy and rest and at night for the purpose of relaxing after a hard day at work.

One of the popular varieties of Cali Weed…

Plants of this cannabis genetics produce excellent yields. Indoors, after drying the crop, we will notice that we have produced around 500–700 g/m². On the other hand, in open-air cultivation this genetics is even more productive, in which it can produce up to 850 g for plant. It has a very high number of trichomes, which will help to produce THC at insane levels.

In fact, the gelato 41 strain thc percent reaches up to 27%, while the quantities of CBD will be practically nil. Her buds are covered with resin crystals, which may offer some hint of the stunning quality of smoke this spectacular strain will offer us.

The Gelato 41 Weed possesses truly unique characteristics, starting from its intoxicating aromas, with notes of fruit, mint and chocolate, it is in fact a genetics of Californian herb truly appreciated all over the world, a bit like almost all varieties of Californian weed, but the gelato 41 weed also has an exceptional compactness, in addition to its own resin content really amazing. It is one of the leading Californian cannabis strains grown from cali weed, which already says it all about the quality of this gelato strain marijuana plant.

With the cannabis gelato strain it is possible to make some really fantastic hashish, in fact the gelato 41 hash is one of the most famous and appreciated hashish varieties around the globe, from Europe to America and the Middle East gelato 41 hash has won the hearts of all hash lovers thanks to its extremely powerful flavor and effects.

Also blue gelato 41, or another marijuana genetics descended from Gelato 41, guarantees us the same effects but with different flavors and aromas, in fact blue gelato 41 has aromas with earthy, sweet and citrus notes.

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