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Big Bud is a photoperiod cannabis strain of indica origin. XXL crops indoors 600-650g/m², outdoors we will harvest 1KG per plant. THC levels that are exuberant by 22% and often exceed.




Big Bud is a photoperiod cannabis strain of indica origin that is well known and appreciated worldwide for its fantastic XXL-sized yields. The buds that this cannabis strain will produce have the special feature of highlighting their splendid coloration of a very bright green mixed with a dark green. The very thick layer of resin that rediscovers its buds is much loved by cannabis growers and consumers around the world.

Big Bud is one of the heaviest yielding strains in our catalog. Productive and the best feature of this strain, she was bred specifically for XXL blooms and consistently high THC levels. Big Bud genetics are an established genetic line that guarantees consistent growth across all crops.

Due to the size of the buds and the risk of mold, this strain is best suited to grow rooms where the humidity is not too high. Lab tests have shown that Big Bud Feminized has 22% or more THC and achieving XXL yields does not rule out the high quality level. Especially recommended for more experienced growers, who can exploit genetics to its limit.

Big Bud plants grown indoors will reach heights of 70-130cm, while outdoors they will easily reach 200-220cm. As for its very generous harvests, in indoor crops we will harvest 600-650 g/m²; however, if we prefer to grow it outdoors we will very easily harvest 900-950 g per plant; with some strains that will even reach 1 KG per plant if grown with the necessary environmental conditions. The flowering period, on the other hand, will be relatively short; this strain will flower indoors in 50-60 days and outdoors we can harvest around the end of September; the important thing will be not to wait beyond the beginning of October to avoid letting the plant mature too much and lose some stretches of active principle.

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The best time to start growing THC depends on the climate and weather conditions in your area. In general, spring is the best time to start.

The best time to start growing THC depends on the climate and weather conditions in your area. In general, spring is the best time to start.

In the UK, the cultivation of THC and cannabis is regulated by the Controlled Substances Act. Although laws have been passed to allow the therapeutic use of cannabis and its derivatives in certain cases, the cultivation of cannabis and THC remains illegal in most circumstances. Furthermore, a specific authorization from the competent authorities is required.

Currently, there is no specific EU program to fund the cultivation of THC. However, some EU countries offer aid and subsidies for growing cannabis for medical and scientific purposes. It is important to check the regulations of each country to find out about the financing possibilities.

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