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Auto Magnum XXL, genetics of marijuana seeds predominantly Sativa of the 60%. It owns numerous narcotic effects due to THC present, which is higher than the 17%. Abundant yields e life cycle short.




Auto Magnum XXL is a variety of cannabis seeds of predominantly hybrid origin 60% sativa. It fully reflects the psychoactive effects which bring the sativa varieties, or a high which does not cause excessive drowsiness, but an uncommon creativity and euphoria! These are very strong effects due to the highs concentrations of THC present, which are often higher than the 17%.

Thanks to these Tetrahydrocannabinol levels they boast very, very powerful narcotic effects. It is precisely a genetics appreciated by many world-class consumers for this very reason. If grown in grow box has a relatively short life cycle, i.e Average delivery time, after which we will finally be able to harvest and enjoy our marijuana. Instead, if we have the intention to cultivate Auto Magnum XXL outdoor we will have to wait for early April and late October; this will depend on the period in which we will cultivate it.

Plant yields Auto Magnum XXL they will vary greatly whether the plant is grown indoors or outdoors. Indeed, if we choose to grow it at home, we can expect yields of 600g / m2; instead, if we intend to germinate, grow and flower outdoors we will get yields of 250g/plant. It has very special flavors and aromas, with spicy notes of mint and incense, as well as having a very strong, fresh and floral flavour. Feminized seeds, with the certainty of getting only female plants in yours cultivation of marijuana.

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The best time to start cultivating the THC It depends on the climate and weather conditions in your area. In general, spring is the best time to start.

The best time to start cultivating the THC It depends on the climate and weather conditions in your area. In general, spring is the best time to start.

In Italy, the law on the cultivation of THC it is very rigorous and its cultivation is permitted only for medical and scientific purposes. Furthermore, a specific authorization from the competent authorities is required.

Currently, there is no specific EU program to finance the cultivation of THC. However, some EU countries offer aid and subsidies for growing cannabis for medical and scientific purposes. It is important to check the regulations of each country to find out about the financing possibilities.

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