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Auto Blueberry is an autoflowering cannabis strain popular for its delicious blue berry flavor and relaxing effect. This indica-dominant variety has a content of THC of the 18% and can be grown indoors or outdoors. She is an excellent choice for those looking for an easy to grow strain with high yields and great flavour.

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A classic, already almost a legend, the mythical Auto BlueBerry di DJ Short, in its autoflowering version, which has managed to maintain its original organoleptic characteristics, intensifying some terpenes, which give it a slightly more marked citrus flavor than its version photo addict.

Small, medium, in just 70 days about, you will be able to reap generous harvests, taking into account its rapid development and small structure, it also produces excellent fruits full of dense resin, which seemed to get wet with sugar, its thick goblets.

Multifruit flavors, sweets, citrus fruits, pines and many sensations that make you travel in flower gardens full of aromas of nectar and pollen. Her touches a Berry they give it a unique identity.

Simple cultivation, it does not require a very intense fertilization, but rather a basic growth fertilizer and one of flowering, which we can apply once a time settimana, and it will be enough, for the Blueberry Cars, develop with yields that will leave you very satisfied with its charm. Without a doubt, a great choice for one rapid cultivation and quality exceptional.

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The best time to start cultivating the THC It depends on the climate and weather conditions in your area. In general, spring is the best time to start.

The best time to start cultivating the THC It depends on the climate and weather conditions in your area. In general, spring is the best time to start.

In Italy, the law on the cultivation of THC it is very rigorous and its cultivation is permitted only for medical and scientific purposes. Furthermore, a specific authorization from the competent authorities is required.

Currently, there is no specific EU program to finance the cultivation of THC. However, some EU countries offer aid and subsidies for growing cannabis for medical and scientific purposes. It is important to check the regulations of each country to find out about the financing possibilities.

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