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Gelato CBG is a photoperiod cannabis genetics without THC content, it manages to develop a CBG up to 10% and a CBD up to 6%. Flowering takes about 9 weeks, developing plants up to 240cm and yielding 280g per plant.

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Gelato CBG is a photo period cannabis genetics that develops a thc below 0.2%, and has a CBD of around 4-6%. The main feature of this variety is the presence of CBG in the order of 7-10% (always in proportion to the CBD). CBG is nothing more than the precursor of the other most famous cannabinoids such as CBD and THC, during the maturation phase this converts into primary cannabinoids until it disappears completely. In the Gelato CBD variety, on the other hand, this cannabinoid does not carry out the transformation in a total way, preserving its presence in the plant until harvest. Allowing us to obtain flowers rich in CBG, considered one of the noblest and rarest of cannabinoids. Certainly in the USA it is one of the most used as medical Marijuana without psycho active effect for therapeutic purposes.

Growing high CBG strains such as Gelato is no different from the method used for any other strain, this strain follows the photo period cycle. Flowering has a normal duration of about 9 weeks, in case of outdoor cultivation we can harvest it in the last weeks of September. To fully develop the properties of this genetics, we recommend a vegetative phase no shorter than 5 weeks, able to enrich as much as possible with CBGA. The total time of indoor cultivation is therefore 13-14 weeks, instead in outdoor environments it is advisable to start cultivation as soon as possible, possibly by the end of June.

This cannabis seeds develop plants between 200 and 230 cm tall, the physiognomy is that of pure sativa strains, those who have experience with our Amnesia haze cbd will find this variety very similar in appearance and growth. The yield in optimal conditions is 280 gr for plant.

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CBG, unlike THC, does not produce disturbing effects on a mental and body level, but only generates energizing, creative and euphoric effects, as well as possessing anxiolytic and anti-anxiety properties.

CBG is not declared as a psychotropic substance, therefore the cultivation of CBG cannabis plants, the sale in special shops of inflorescences, oils, crystals with a high CBG content is legal and does not represent an obstacle to the law.

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