An End to Marijuana Prohibition it is an informative ebook on the benefits of cannabis for the whole society and the failed prohibition concerning this magical plant.


An End to Marijuana Prohibition is a completely free ebook on the civil and criminal status of a substance like cannabis, harmless compared to other much more harmful substances on the market, such as alcohol and tobacco. Therefore, in this digital book, the themes of legalization, prohibition and the freedom of a substance that can be very helpful for society, especially for medical patients who do not have free access to this medicine, will be glimpsed several times.

With An End to Marijuana Prohibition we will also review, regarding prohibition, why this substance was prohibited, and what advantages it could guarantee to the world if everyone could have free access to it, starting from the fight against organized crime up to the environmental impact.

In fact, it is well known that cannabis is the main source of income for the mafias and criminal associations present all over the globe, this gain could instead go to honest growers and into the state coffers.