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Futura 75 is a monoecious type of hemp from France. It is a monoecious genetics, which means it will produce both female and male flowers, and is the most widely used variety of hemp throughout Italy.

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Futura 75 is a cannabis variety from France. It is a monoecious genetics, which means it will produce both female and male flowers, and is the most used hemp variety throughout Italy in recent years.

What makes this plant so special and loved is its large amount of seeds and flowers; it also produces in the worst climatic and environmental conditions. Therefore it is a plant that can be cultivated without problems even by novice growers, moreover it resists very well to the harsh climates of Northern Europe. It is part of the list of certified seeds by the European Union. The herb that produces the Futura 75 has a THC totally in legal limits < 0.2%, this factor makes it cultivable also for the purpose of producing inflorescences; in fact, it produces about 300 gr outdoors and is particularly loved and respected by all CBD consumers because of its unique spices and flavors.

Seeds of Futura 75 grows with enormous dimensions, it develops for about 3.5 meters; it has a long flowering, in fact it blooms in August when we grow it outdoors, but thanks to this long growth the plant will grow vigorous and strong. This light hemp variety is particularly resinous and aromatic and the remarkable presence of trichomes and many terpenes gives this plant a characteristic citrus aroma.

It is a very resistant and highly productive variety, which is why it owes its enormous worldwide fame. Cultivating it, as already explained above, does not require particular technical knowledge. Thanks to its male and female flowers, we can obtain from this plant a vast quantity of seeds of futura 75 of an incredible quality; in addition to the inflorescences, which as already explained are loved in any part of the world by a large number of smokers. It also, and above all, obtains energetic material, fiber material and biomass from extraction. This industrial hemp genetics is present in the European registry

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Outdoor hemp can be grown starting from April 1st in the Mediterranean climate, and sowing should not be done beyond May 30th; while, in the case of a non-Mediterranean climate, it is advisable to grow hemp in the period from May 1st to June 30th.

It is possible to sell industrial hemp to certain physical or online companies, including any physical store that holds it for sale, such as grow shops and other specialized shops based on light industrial hemp.

Under UK sativa cannabis cultivation law, a license is required to grow certified hemp, otherwise this cultivation will be illegal.

European funds are foreseen to grow hemp, but at the moment the United Kingdom does not make any funds available to encourage the protection and revitalization of industrial hemp crops.

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