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Felina 32 is a certified cannabis strain that has French origins. It is a monoecious genetics, i.e. it produces both male and female flowers, which is an important aspect if you want to produce seeds, inflorescences, etc.

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Felina 32 is a certified cannabis strain that has French origins. It is a monoecious genetics, that is to say that it produces both male and female flowers, this is an aspect of fundamental importance if you have the purpose of producing seeds, but it must be remembered that excellent inflorescences and biomass from extraction can also be obtained.

This genetics is part of the list of legally cultivable hemp seeds throughout the European Union, having a low THC<0.2% and a CBD of 6%; and it is very rich in terpenes, it also has many therapeutic properties and drives consumers crazy with its natural and spatial aromas.

Felina 32 is planted according to the annual production cycle of outdoor production. Its cultivation is strictly used for the production of textiles, food and biomass. Felina 32 belongs to the legacy of French descent and has contributed to the success of hemp in textile and industrial use in recent decades. It is a variety obtained from experimental laboratories in the late 90s; and is now specially planted across Europe to produce hemp buds for the collectible market. Felina 32 plants have an average height of 2.5 meters and reach full vegetative maturity after about 130 days, during this growth time, the plant will grow strong and lush.

In addition to the enormous production of seeds and the delicious and fragrant inflorescences, this plant also has a strong use in the textile and biomass industry for extraction. It is a hemp genetics much loved by industrial hemp growers all over the planet for its countless qualities.

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Outdoor hemp can be grown starting from April 1st in the Mediterranean climate, and sowing should not be done beyond May 30th; while, in the case of a non-Mediterranean climate, it is advisable to grow hemp in the period from May 1st to June 30th.

It is possible to sell industrial hemp to certain physical or online companies, including any physical store that holds it for sale, such as grow shops and other specialized shops based on light industrial hemp.

Under UK sativa cannabis cultivation law, a license is required to grow certified hemp, otherwise this cultivation will be illegal.

European funds are foreseen to grow hemp, but at the moment the United Kingdom does not make any funds available to encourage the protection and revitalization of industrial hemp crops.

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