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The Carmagnola Selezionata CS is a feminized light hemp variety. It reaches 5.5 meters in height and is loved all over the world thanks to its strong flavors, aromas and its therapeutic properties due to the high amounts of CBD present (10%) and the low THC<0,2%.



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Carmagnola Selezionata CS is a Carmagnola phenotype acquired by farmers at the beginning of the twentieth century. It is a light hemp variety. The result is that if the average height of the classic Carmagnola on its territory and in normal human climatic conditions is 6.5 meters, but reaches 7 meters and exceeds them abnormally, the Selected Carmagnola instead, stops at 5- 5.5 meters.

CS is an eye-catching plant because its leaves are compact and bright green. Carmagnola is a feminized light hemp plant rich in CBD, that is 10% and with a very low THC<0.2%, within the legal limits allowed. It is currently one of the most widely grown cannabis plants. To obtain the best yield it is recommended to sow from April to the end of May. If you are satisfied with underdeveloped plants, it is also important to plant something important in June, which is to protect the plant from the sudden night frost.

CS plants produced indoors must be monitored daily while always maintaining the best environmental conditions. While outdoors, this variety can be left loose and low maintenance; it is indeed a very simple genetics to grow even for novice growers.

The inflorescences of this splendid variety are rich in terpenes and trichomes, bright green in color and fragrant. The vegetative phase of Carmagnola continues until the number of days tends to be longer (August). When the days get shorter again, the Carmagnola plants begin to bloom, and after a very short time it will be possible to harvest its fantastic cannabis flowers (This is a feminized genetics). This marijuana variety grows within 8/9 weeks, if watered well or with the help of heavy rain, the first leaves will appear as early as a week after sowing.

It is a very loved and used genetics by CBD consumers, thanks to its therapeutic properties deriving from Cannabidiol. It can also be used for large-scale seed production, for green building and the production of hemp fabrics.


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It is possible to sell industrial hemp to certain physical or online companies, including any physical store that holds it for sale, such as grow shops and other specialized shops based on light industrial hemp.

Under UK sativa cannabis cultivation law, a license is required to grow certified hemp, otherwise this cultivation will be illegal.

European funds are foreseen to grow hemp, but at the moment the United Kingdom does not make any funds available to encourage the protection and revitalization of industrial hemp crops.

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