Finola seeds is an autoflowering dioecious variety from Northern Europe, so accustomed to cold climates it can be grown at any time of the year. It has an average height of about 120/140 cm with a complete life cycle of about 8/10 weeks. Although this strain can be grown in all conditions, it does its best in environments that are not too hot and humid.

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Finola Seeds is a sativa cannabis variety that has been developed in Finland since 1995; it can develop female flowers or male flowers with a 50% probability.

This hemp variety is autoflowering in nature; this is to say that it will flower on its own without reducing the hours of light indoors and outdoors without waiting for the end of summer when the hours of light are reduced. This represents a considerable advantage for industrial growers, who are also very fascinated by Finola thanks to this characteristic. In addition, the Finola grows strong and luxuriant even in the coldest months of the year with very low temperatures thanks to its Northern European origin; all she needs is water, perfectly draining soil, air and the few hours of light she needs as an autoflowering variety.

This plant is perfectly within the limits of the law having THC<0,2%, instead has a strong presence of CBD, this detail makes its inflorescences perfect for use for recreational purposes or even better for therapeutic purposes. This characteristic makes it a plant appreciated all over the world by the most experienced growers; we reiterate that even a novice grower would be easily able to cultivate Finola given its adaptability and resistance even to the most critical conditions.

Finola is a genetics that is part of the European certified seeds list. It also belongs to the Dioica cannabis strain, which means that it can easily reach incredible heights of almost 2 meters; it has a very short vegetative cycle of about 120 days, and in this time the plant gains an incredible strength, vigor and yield. It has a very short flowering of about 7 weeks (which begins a month after sowing, in which the male flowers pour pollen). It can also be grown indoors.

Certified Finola seeds are therefore very economical considering its advantages once grown and harvested for numerous purposes. In fact, it is cultivated to produce seeds for food use; in fact, Finola oil contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which are two essential nutrients for our body and are very good for our health. It is also used for the production of CBD inflorescences and extraction biomass.

Many growers wonder up to what temperature the finola resists, first of all, the ideal temperature for growing autoflowering finola plants is between 26 and 29 °C, but it can easily resist even over 30 ° C but in case of higher temperatures the finola could suffer, for this reason it is advisable to always keep the soil fresh, through irrigation, so as to make the finola resist even at temperatures equal to or greater than 40 °C.

Being one autoflowering variety if you decide to grow finola indoors they will only suffice 12 hours of light per day to ensure excellent productivity, while, if you intend to grow this splendid variety of certified hemp outdoors, it will take care of everything mother nature, obviously with regard to the fertilization we recommend going light as autoflowering genetics do not need many nutrients, but only the quantity essential for their survival, obviously use organic fertilizers it will be much safer than chemical fertilizers (which are very dangerous for hemp plants).

With the inflorescences of this special hemp variety it is also possible prepare finola flower tea, which guarantees many health benefits and can help against various diseases, inflammations and pains, preparing it is very simple, in fact it will be enough to consider about 1 gram of inflorescences per liter of water used and you have to place them in cold water that will be boiled for about 20 minutes, after that it will be necessary to add approx 15-20 ml of milk and continue boiling for others 15 minutes. Then our finola flower herbal tea, a delicious and cannabinoid-rich drink from the strain will be ready to be drunk at last! . In summary, finola seeds are a great choice for anyone who wants an automatic variety of industrial hemp.

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Outdoor hemp can be grown starting from April 1st in the Mediterranean climate, and sowing should not be done beyond May 30th; while, in the case of a non-Mediterranean climate, it is advisable to grow hemp in the period from May 1st to June 30th.

It is possible to sell industrial hemp to certain physical or online companies, including any physical store that holds it for sale, such as grow shops and other specialized shops based on light industrial hemp.

Under UK sativa cannabis cultivation law, a license is required to grow certified hemp, otherwise this cultivation will be illegal.

European funds are foreseen to grow hemp, but at the moment the United Kingdom does not make any funds available to encourage the protection and revitalization of industrial hemp crops.

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