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Complete autoflowering grow box led, autoflowering kit for indoor cannabis cultivation with 120x120x200 grow box and led lamp. Easy to set up in just 15 minutes, competitive price




Complete autoflowering grow box led is a grow box kit equipped with the led lamp of your choice among various led lights of international brands, such as lumatek, pure led and led panel for growing indoor autoflowering with guaranteed high quality and ready to use. Our grow shop offers a complete grow box kit for growing autoflowering plants in grow boxes. It is possible to grow cannabis plants from the germination phase to flowering in a simple and practical way, in fact it is extremely simple to assemble it, in case of help you can contact our team of experts, but for the preparation of the whole complete grow box yes takes a maximum of 15 minutes!


  • Grow box 120x120x200 cm
  • Led lamps Lumatek zeus 465w, Pure led 480w o Panel led super slim 250w
  • Lamp supports
  • Thermohygrometer
  • Automatic analog timer
  • 12 free cannabis seeds from the variety of your choice

This is a complete grow box kit for autoflowers containing LED lamp ideal for growing indoor cannabis at an economical and competitive price. Growing up to 6 autoflowering plants or 4 photoperiod marijuana seedlings is the best way to start a respectable indoor cannabis grow.

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It is possible to sell industrial hemp to certain physical or online companies, including any physical store that holds it for sale, such as grow shops and other specialized shops based on light industrial hemp.

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European funds are foreseen to grow hemp, but at the moment the United Kingdom does not make any funds available to encourage the protection and revitalization of industrial hemp crops.

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