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Super Lemon Auto (CBD+12% THC -0.3%)

Super Lemon CBD Autoflowering feminized seed variety, this strain is ready in 9 weeks from germination. It offers a yield of up to 120 grams per plant, in indoor cultivation it guarantees a yield of 1 gram per kWh.

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Super Lemon CBD autoflowering cannabis strain, in the catalog for over 2 years is the light cannabis genetics most appreciated by our growers. It has a compound hybrid genetic heritage (10% Indica20% Ruderalis70% Sativa) obtained a hard work of selection between Amensia Haze CBD and industrial hemp genetics.

Super Lemon CBD completes the cycle in 9 weeks, allowing us to harvest 80-120 grams per plant. Field cultivation of this genetics is very simple. With a temperate climate we can safely think of completing 3 cycles in a year. This strain grows to 130-150cm and develops a very rich central cola, developing short but equally abundant branches on the sides. The inflorescences are rich in terpenes, the values of CBD-a can even reach 18% while the CBD never drops below 12%. The THC level in this plant is around 0.2/0.3% which makes it a great light cannabis strain to grow.

In Indoor Cultivation this plant gives its best, with a super abundant yield even up to 1 gram per kWh, given its very low need for nutrients using low consumption systems, this variety is one of the cheapest and most profitable to grow.


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For outdoor cannabis cultivation, particular attention is recommended to the period in which to grow cbd seeds. In areas with a Mediterranean climate, you can start growing cannabis light outdoors from April 1st to May 30th; while, where we find the Atlantic/continental climate, we recommend growing outdoors in the period from May 1st to June 30th.

According to the current legislation in the United Kingdom, cannabis with a thc content greater than 1 mg is illegal, which obviously cannot be sold in shops and even less grown inside the country. Therefore, Cannabis CBD with thc values of less than 1 mg in the UK is legal.

In the UK, a specific license called the “Controlled Drug Domestic License” is required to grow cbd cannabis, this particular permit must be obtained from the UK Home Office. Obviously, the inflorescences must not have thc concentrations higher than 0.2%, otherwise there could be problems with the law.

There are various valid methods for the extraction of cbd oil from the inflorescences of cannabis light, in our opinion the most valid is the extraction with CO₂, which offers countless advantages. The CO₂ in this method will be manipulated with the aim of reaching the “supercritical” phase. After that, the CO₂ will have taken on the properties of both a liquid and a gas, and will be passed through the cbd inflorescences in order to separate cannabinoids and terpenes.

Light marijuana seeds do not have any European certification, only certified hemp seeds, also present in our catalog, are supplied upon delivery with a copy of the European certificate that makes them legally cultivable in the European Union.

Pianta di cannabis cbdv con alta concentrazione di cannabidivarina

What is CBDV?

CBDV is obviously a cannabis phytocannabinoid with unique and inimitable characteristics, discovered in 1969.

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